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MG TD TF 1500 - electrical question

Any advice on how to diagnose the following problem would be appreciated. 1954 tf, original wiring. the horn stopped working. checked the accessory fuse, it was burnt, replaced it, horn works now. however, when i replaced the fuse, the power came on as if i had turned the ignition key to on, but i hadn't. if i remove the accessory fuse, the ignition key functions normally. When i replace it, the fuel pump comes on and the car is ready to start even if the key is off. thoughts appreciated!
K Fontenot

Check again to be certain that you placed the new fuse in the right location (A1 to A2). If the fuse is accidentaly placed 'between' the fuse clips you can create the condition that you're describing. Bud
Bud Krueger

Thank you, that was it. i put on my glasses this time and now i see the problem!
K Fontenot

Bud, that is always my back-up plan when I want to move the TD and too lazy to go in the house to fetch the key. Happen to discover this by mistake.

Bill Brown

so now i know how to hot wire a TF... Thanks again.
K Fontenot

Great emergency key. Shown to me by Jim Stidham at his Sandlappers GOF in Clinton many years ago
Don Harmer

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