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MG TD TF 1500 - Electrical Relays

I am currently fitting a Dynalite alternator to my TF. I am advised that as an absolute minimum I must use a new 60A cable from the alternator to the battery. One of the main reasons for an alternator is so I can fit halogen headlamps so I propose to make an up dated wiring loom. I plan to take a medium wattage cable to the rear of the dash and then split this to the lamp switch, windscreen motor etc. and then take the outputs from the dip switch to two, 5 blade, fused, relays. The contacts in these will be fed by higher rated cable, direct from the battery and will supply the headlamps. I will do the same for the horns and electric fan. I don't want heavy duty wires behind the dash and would like to mount the relays close to the front of the car to minimise cables (and allow me to feed the loom through the fire wall hole). Has anyone done this and if so where did they mount the relays?

Jan T
J Targosz

Jan, go to I have used their products for my horns and headlamps. Good tutoral at any rate. Should answer a lot of questions about how to beef up your wiring. Larry
Larry Brown

Jan. Many years ago I mounted mine on the left side below on the inside vertical portion of the wing. It's dark there and very hard to see. I used a set of relays (3)that I removed from an 84 Lincoln. This unit was about 5" long and the width of the relays.There were two holes on the ends for mounting. The wires cominy out were in a bundle and did not show unless you got right into it.
I would check your local yards and it's amazing what can be found.
ss sanders

I looked into this for my jag. In the end I had Mike from Headlight Services make the extra wiring loom for me.

He custom built it based on photographs and measurements for cable length I gave him.

Was excellent work and really well made. I couldn't have bought the parts here in Ireland for what he charged to make it.

Website :

Emil :


D Moore

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