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MG TD TF 1500 - electrical system test

I seem to remember a while back someone posted advice on how to wire in extra fuses for the initial test of the electrical system with a new wiring loom installed. I can't find the advice now that I'm ready to test mine. Anyone?
Thanks, Ed
efh Haskell

I just added a 16 fuse, fuse block and auxiliary harness following the instructions at this web site. Evan Ford did an excellent job on this issue.

I am using 13 of the positions and wired the other three for any future use.

I also used his suggested suppliers. I am sure everyone who does this has made some modifications to suit their own car, just as I did.

Kudos to Evan.

"The document can be viewed at http://tseriesmg.*
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Mort TD 1851

Ed - Just disconnect the ground cable from the battery and reconnect through a 10 amp fuse. Don't try to start the engine with this hookup as it will blow the fuse instantly, but just turning on the ignition you should get the ignition warning light and the fuel pump should click away filling the float bowls without blowing the fuse. If it does that ok, then reconnect the ground cable to the battery without a fuse and then you can start the car and turn the lights on. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

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