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MG TD TF 1500 - emergency fuel pump

Well i got a couple of things done this weekend... first i got my radiator overflow can installed and hooked up. it came out nice. Thanks to Laverne on that.
second i put together what i had seen made as an emergency fuel pump. just for the heck of it i tried pressurizing the tank last night and blew the rubber stopper out when i got to 2 lbs of pressure. (Not sure how accurate my gauge.) must not have any leaks in the tank anyway.
i was thinking as i finished it up that i used to have a pump w/gauge for a Harley i had. it was used on the air shocks. worked on low pressure 2-5 psi as i recall. i thought it would be easier to pump up. but i couldn't find it, which means i gave it away at some point. Anyway not sure if this thing really works but it was cheap and fun to put together. i will keep it in case...
TLW Wright

See fort Stuart Locke's original and for my gauge'd version. There's no need to go as high as 2 psi. Bud
Bud Krueger

Yup. That is what I read.
I saw 2-1/2 to 3 lbs in his article and assumed I should shoot for those numbers. But seems to me I also read 1 psi would do the trick.
TLW Wright

If memory serves me (not always a sure thing) VW Beetles used the pressure in the spare tire to power the wind screen washer fluid squirter. Don't know what pressure was used but there was supposed to be some kind of regulator to prevent the spare from fully deflating. Wonder if that gizmo is still available?
J K Chapin

TLW - The SU fuel pump used in the TDs is 1.5 psi. The later TFs with the fuel pump in the rear of the car puts out 2.6 psi. Cheers - Dave
D W DuBois


As an owner/driver of a 72 VW beetle, I can confirm the windscreen washers work by air pressure from the spare tyre. My problem is after 35 years in tropic Australia, all the plastic tubing has perished or gone hard and broken apart.

Having never gone into its operation in detail, so can not comment on the system in detail.

Stuart Duncan

When I was a wee, precocious lad, we would over inflate the VW's spare tire and turn the washer sideways. Then we'd pull up next to a "friend", motion for them to roll down the window, and let them have it full blast! Oh, the joys of a misspent youth!
Kirk Trigg

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