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MG TD TF 1500 - engine number

I have a 1952 MGTD ID number TD19012 with engine seal TYPE XPAG TF 31914

How can I find out what year car this engine came from as I do not believe this is a matching numbers car. Thanks
Russ Little

The original engine for your car is XPAG/TD2/18887 This info is on the MG Car Club T Register in the Production Records section of the above web site at Cheers - Dave

PS. XPAG/TF31914 is an engine from a 54 mgtf.
David DuBois

Were the XPAG engine numbers continuous from TD to TD2 to TF? What was the highest TD2? lowest TF? highest TF? Bud
Bud Krueger

Bud: They were never contiguous,even within a model. For example TD19012 has XPAG/TD2/18887 as noted by Dave above.

But if you put in TD19013 for example, its engine is XPAG/TD2/19344.

The car numbers were sequential but engines were used randomly because they went to different car models, some went for racing and replacements etc. and who knows how they shipped to the assembly line and were stored.

Its kind of a mystery how all of this was documented and coordinated to create the ID plates etc. I suspect it was very manual and someone just went about documenting what occurred after the fact. You sort of see this in the production logs in that they just seemed to keep a tally on notepaper day after day.

Tom Lange sent me my cars production log sheet from his log files as 9/9/52. The date they filled out the shipping doc was 9/17/52 and it appears that the date shipped was 9/23/52. I suspect it took two weeks to get to Calif. I remember my father telling me he got his car from the dealer in October.

So it appeared that even in 1952, when they were putting out TD's as fast as ever (there were 30 made on 9/9), they sat around for a bit at the factory. Maybe they used some of that time for accounting :-)
Chris Couper

Did all TFs have engine numbers beginning with TF? Bud
Bud Krueger

Earliest TD chassis number/engine number I have in my list....

1949 TD 253 XPAG/TD/504 22381 ? ? RHD GREEN? ? CRUSHED IN 1968 VANCOUVER B.C. CANADA

Latest TD chassis number/engine number....

1953 TD 29913 XPAG/TD2/30266 22381 29151 8153 LHD IVORY RED EDDIE DAVIS TUSCALOOSA AL USA

Earliest TF chassis/engine number

1953 TF HDP43 502 30309 TF RED ? ? ? ? ? U.S.A

Latest TF chassis/engine number

20962 XPAG/TD2/21367 22381 LHD BLACK RED? EBAY DATA 05/06 UNKNOWN MS U.S.A.
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

The first TD chassis number (as with most of the early cars) was 0251, the phone number of the MG Car Company. We had a member in our local 'T' Register with that car. He sold it to someone in England back in late 70s. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Russ - According to my production records, engine XPAG/TF/31914 was originally supplied with TF2052, made on 12/28/53.

George and all - I can add a few bits of engine information. XPAG/TD2/30292 appears in the last TD by both engine and chassis numbers (engines were not installed in sequence), TD29915. TF engine numbers continued the TD numbering but with the TF prefix, starting somewhere in the 30,000 range. (I'm still trying to track down records on a couple of hundred TFs in the hundreds range, not in my production records.)

I don't think that it is sensible to include prototypes - TF0250 was fitted with XPAG/TD3/26849, which is a Mark II TD engine, and TF0251 was fitted with XPAG/TD2/29748.

I'm always happy to help with production-related questions.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair

t lange

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