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MG TD TF 1500 - Engine Rebuilders - Newbie

Greetings to you all. Dan Nordstrom here.

Newbie to this Forum and British Cars in general. Thought I should introduce myself before I start throwing out a bunch of questions. I will have many.

I have been lurking around the site for a few months and have discovered it to be a tremendous source of information. Read every chance I get.
I recently purchased a numbers matching 54 TF1500 18451/7946/XPEG 1749 that came from California. It has been in dry storage since 1974. It is, at this time my intent to resurrect the car rather than do a total frame off restoration. I like the idea of keeping as much of its originality as possible.

Today I was able to begin the engine disassembly and although for a burnt valve and a flat cam things look pretty good. I would like to have it rebuilt and would like some advise on finding a quality rebuilder close to home...if possible. Seattle/Everett Washington area. Ram Engines of Spokane was suggested, but I am having difficulty getting responses to my calls. Not a good sign.

Thanks in advance. Dan
DHN Nordstrom

Trying to upload a pic. Maybe this time

DHN Nordstrom

Hi Dan. Welcome.

Dave Dubois is a frequent contributor to this site and lives in that area. I am sure he will post and help you. Dave also has a fuel pump rebuild service on the side. Probably a good idea to have him go over your fuel pump if the car has been sitting a number of years.
Bruce Cunha

Hi Bruce.

Thanks. I have exchanged a few emails with Dave in my attempt to contact Art Mafli. Art lives close by. Dave sounds very knowledgeable.

DHN Nordstrom

Hi Dan. If you're into originality then a visit or two to Chris Couper's site is a must. Google "The Original MG TF midget" & you'll find your way there. The archive here is also full of info on engine rebuilds & the pitfalls. The more you know the better able you will be to judge the worth of the workshop & mechanic you'll be entrusting your block to. As you're pulling the engine apart yourself that will teach you a fair bit. Sourcing the parts yourself will help keep costs down. The XPAG/XPEG engine is pretty easy to work on. With help from this site I was able to replace a cam without any drama which at first seemed very daunting & way beyond my level of ability. Good luck & welcome to the fraternity.
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

Dan, welcome. I'm on the other side of the cCountry so I can't help with your quest for a reliable rebuilder but I notice that you, like most of us newbies, seemed to have an issue with loading an image. We love images and they really help the community in responding to questions. The BBS limits image size to under 1 meg.Use Photoshop or MS Paint ar any program like that to reduce your images sizes. Also, the BBS limits us to one image per post. You can post as many as you want but only one at a time. Jud TD 25009
J K Chapin

Hello Dan, welcome to the forum! Dan, I'm sure you know by now that the chassis number on the front left frame horn, (Dumb Iron), is the easiest way to get more info on the cars history, build date, engine number, original color etc. Did you get it yet? Mine is TF8353 PJ
Paul S Jennings

I believe he is in the Sacramento area but Lawrie Alexander knows these engines like the back of his hand. He is Moss's T series technical advisor as well.
Jack Long

Yes, thank you, I have investigated the car numbers and with the exception of one repaint and one engine rebuild the car remains pretty much as it did when new. Since it is so well preserved I would like to keep it that way. Only rebuilding and upgrading the mechanicals.

Jack, Is Lawrie Alexander have a company name that I may search out?

Thank you all for the welcome.

DHN Nordstrom

email is Business is British Sportscar Center, phone is (530) 676 7226. Bud

Bud Krueger

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