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MG TD TF 1500 - Engine Stay - is it necessary


I am wondering if the engine stay on a RHD TD is absolutely necessary or can I reposition it.

I have purchased a MG Y pinion to replace my worn TD pinion. The Y pinion is about 4in (100mm) shorter than the TD pinion and the join to the steering wheel falls directly under the engine stay bracket, which will interfere with the steering.


SR Duncan


Since the engine is mounted on horizontal mounts rather than a cradle with angled mounts, nothing is present except the stay to keep it from rocking. You can remount the stay, or form some other adjustable link, but the engine must be kept from going side to side.

Wouldn't it be easier to find the correct stearing pinion? You'll save a future owner much grief.

Dave Braun

The most signigicant difference you'll see with and without it, is in the clutch release.

I know. I've tried it both ways. Without it, releasing the clutch brings severe judders and a lot of engine rocking.

To improve clutch action, I've also added a full steel crib around the front and rear engine mounts (Trans at rear). This limits fore/aft torque reaction and makes clutch releases noticably soother.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.

Gordon A. Clark

Without the engine stay you will do hundreds of dollars worth of damage the first time you rev the engine. I once broke an engine stay near Wyndham many years ago and had to support the engine with fencing wire untill I could get a replacement.

How many T types are there at the Top End?

Matthew Magilton

Yes it is necessary.

Like Matthew, I once had the stay break in my TF 1500. The engine rocked so violently that the air cleaners hit the engine compartment side panel and badly dented and bent it.

Yes Matthew, hundreds of dollars (US not AU) damage to the complex TF bonnet/side panel arrangement and to the air cleaners.

Don Harmer

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