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MG TD TF 1500 - Engine Stoping after Idling

I have a 1953 MG TD that has run well except on two occasions--once last year and again this year. When the car idles for more than 15 minutes, the engine will shut down completely. There seems to be plenty of juice in the battery but there is no spark to the engine. Last year, the engine started up again after a week or two of sitting in the garage. It has been a week since the engine died and I can not get to start up. There is power going to the starter motor. The distributor is new but the coil is old. After idling, I usually can travel a mile or so, when the engine will begin to lose power and then stop all together. Any suggestions? I am stumped.
WC Hildreth

I think you already give the answer. BAD COIL, if the temperature is rising under the bonnet the coil heats up also and...... if your coil is weak it will create internal shorts .
Gerard Hengeveld

Thanks for confirming. Will order a new coil. Out of curiosity, whom do you recommend?
WC Hildreth

No particular supplier, but try to find a non oil filled coil . Better are the gel filled ones the MG coil is hanging upside down . Some oil filled coils have a tendency to leak over time .
Gerard Hengeveld

I have had very good luck with pertronix Flame thrower...very bad luck with Sports Coil!
David Sheward

I'd try a new condensor first. Bud
Bud Krueger

Ditto on the new condenser.

Why did you replace the distributor?

Dave Braun

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