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MG TD TF 1500 - Engine to rebuild?

After 4 years I've gotten Maude to be a very reliable good looking driver. Ready for summer picnics in Virginia. Picture attached.
NO ISSUES ANYWHERE. Probably shouldn't have said that.
So I find myself recently retired with no MG project.
Would like to rebuild an engine.
First place to look for leads is right here. Any help is appreciated.
Peter 54 TF

Peter Dahlquist

What a great way to set up a table! That's just too cool!

Bobby Galvez

Peter. There is a posting on the B site that might be of interest. Not sure if they have any TF engines, but it would be worth a call. I have used this company for a lot of hard to find parts for the TD and my B.

Posted 10 March 2013 at 01:48:35 UK time
Les Bengtson, Arizona, USA
The MG wrecking yard in Phoenix, Arizona is projected to close by the end of 2013. After the death of Bob Schaulin last year, his brother, Gilbert, has decided to sell off the entire inventory and move to Colorado where the majority of his family resides.

At the current time, Gilbert is selling off as many parts and vehicles as he can and intends to scrap out any that are not sold. He currently has a relatively large inventory of MGBs (roadsters and some GTs), some Triumphs (a GT-6 and some Spitfires), some midgets/Sprites, and a few other vehicles. For the first time in over 20 years, he is selling off some of his MGAs and Austin-Healeys.

Many transmissions, engines, and multiple body parts are available. Wire and disc wheels, some factory and after market are available. Almost any part, accumulated over more than 25 years in the business, can be had.

But, parts are being scrapped almost every day as Gil tries to clear out the yard, ship some of the more commonly needed parts up to Colorado, and clean off the property so he can put that, too, up for sale.

Gilbert's telephone number is 602-290-4096. Arizona does not go on daylight savings time. Gilbert can be called between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM Mountain Standard Time. He has been good about returning telephone calls if he is not able to answer them because he is working or with customers.

If you want some hard to get parts, now would be the time to contact him and see what is available. Entire cars are being taken to the crusher, sometimes ones which would be restorable.


Bruce Cunha

peter, i've got no leads on a project but i am posting to say congratulations on making it to retirement and accomplishing that task in a way where you are looking for a project rather than looking for a gig as a greeter, secondly i like the table. well done. regards, tom
tom peterson

Peter, I'm definitely going to plagerize your beautiful and clever table for the TD. My luggage rack is hinged low so enough modifications will be required to probably avoid a patent suit :-) As with any project that could probably be done in a day, I'll probably take all summer getting it finished.

J K Chapin


Jud's action may be mimiced by several of us.

Also, where are you in Virginia? I love every place I have been in your state. Also number two, if you have "plans" you could share - would you post them or, E-mail them? I am mechanically challenged but, probably could duplicate your table set-up with a drawing. Not so easy for me otherwise. Or, perhaps you may initiate a venture whereby you offer them for sale.



Jerry Chandler

Thnks for the Arizona lead. I have a sketch of the table someplace. I'll look for it. That table hinges and stows on the luggage flat. So it raelly goes with that Moss rack. I think a better design would hook on to the tire. Could be used on any TD or TF.
Jud, what is the clear length and width of your rack?
That would be a place to start on a new design.
I live in Warrenton east of the blue ridge mountains. They are on the horizon.
I could come up with a cost to sell this design.

Peter Dahlquist

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