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MG TD TF 1500 - Enots Grease Gun

I recently purchased a good used enots grease gun for the tool kit of my MG TD but am not too sure that I have the right item now. It is an Enots gun but the end cap only has "Enots Made in England" on it. It measures 9" end to end and is about 1 1/2" wide with the correct bluing on the barrel and chromed brass end cap.

It does not have any numerical designation so I am beginning to question if I have the correct item for this car.

Brian Smith

Hi Brian,
Your Enots gun seems fine to me - what did you expect on the end cap? They were made by Benton and Stone, hence the trade name, and were typical of the period. Other makes were used from time to time Tecalemit being the most common. As with all tools, factories at the time got what they could. There was a shortage of steel and sets were often incomplete from new. This is pointed out in the handbook.

Cheers John
J.C Mitchell

Thanks John

I read that it should be stamped "Enots No. 1 h" and mine definately does not have this. Does anyone know if the enots 1 H has the same measurements as the one I bought?

I also have a Tecalemit grease gun (still new and in its original wrapper) that I had for my MGA's.

Brian Smith

To the best of my knowledge the Enots gun was used from mid-late TD, through TF, to early MGA. There may have been times though when other suppliers were used to fill a gap in supply. There is a rare version of the TD owners handbook showing an illustration of the Tecalemite aluminium ribbed gun with the bent wire handle (also illustrated in the YB handbook)but as most handbooks do not have this illustration I would conclude that this Tecalemite was not used for very long. The Enots has been consistently turning up in original tool kits. Enots were made by Benton & Stone who are listed as the grease gun supplier on page 70 of my TF 1500 handbook. I still have the gun for my TF toolkit complete with the often missing nozzle cover (which is about the size of your little finger). My chromed end cap also has several patent numbers, but your description sounds like the right gun too.

Matthew Magilton

Thanks Matthew

I will also be using it for the toolkit on my mgtf. My TD is an early 1950 and is now up for sale as I have purchased a low mileage TF that requires a restoration even though the mileage is only 42,801. The funds from the TD will be used to do the TF which is my wifes favourite "T" series MG.

You can see the cars at my restoration web site at

Brian Smith

My understanding is that the TD used an Enots 1D, the TF used an Enots 1H. I think there was overlapping, and substitutions. Brian, is the Tecalemit for your MGA #2802? Thanks. Larry
Larry Brown

Sorry Larry, I would have to check it out and it isn't handy right now. It is the same as the one shown on the Original MGTD website under the Enots grease gun. It has the plunger on the end.

Brian Smith

Thanks. By the way, nice site, nice cars. Your TF even has the clock, which was missing in mine. Larry
Larry Brown

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