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MG TD TF 1500 - Ethanol-free Gas Stations in US & CA

FYI, None in Massachusetts, but Rhode Island is right down the road. Bud
Bud Krueger (TD10855)


I believe that you can get ethanol free gas at marinas and airport using airport transfers sevenoakss. I think that airports have 100 octane. Friends of mine do this, but I've yet to try.

Mark Strang

We boat as well as LBC, and as far as I can find around here no marinas have ethanol free. Many are advertising "Valvetech" fuel which tries to make you think it's ethanol free, but I think many don't get any special fuel, just add Valvetech additive, which is available in bottles at many marine supply places, and touts it's use on ethanol fuel. It takes 1 oz of it per 10 gal. gas, I just used it today, took the TF for a 75 miles cruise.
A W Parker

it is illegal to purchase aviation fuel for use in a roadable vehicle. aviation fuel is exempt from the road use taxes. the high lead content in (even "low" lead) av gas can be harmful to our engines..lead fouling and i just read an article about lead scoring of cylinder walls. regards, tom
tom peterson

We have stations in Wisconsin that sell racing fuel. Normally find it in towns where they have racetracks. Not supposed to buy it for street cars, but they sure do sell a lot of it in my town.

We are also lucky in that we have a lot of non-leaded stations. Some go out of their way to point out that their fuel does not have alcohol in it.

For the boaters, You really should use a stabilizer if you run ethanol fuel. Same for the smowmobiles and two stroke motorcycles.
Bruce Cunha

I will be driving my TD down to Reno, and am concerned about the use of gas with ethanol. Your comment about the use of a stabilizer is of interest to me. Would there be any advantage in using it in my MG as I have never run anything but a 91 or 92 octane? I would appreciate your thoughts, or any other members, on the subject.

George Raham [TD4224]

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