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MG TD TF 1500 - Exhaust Jacket

Between the manifold and the muffler the exhaust pipe has a fabric wound around it. I assume it's asbestos.
Was this standard?
What is the function?
Anything spilled on it like oil, lubricants, fuel, etc. soaks into it and when driving it gets hot and stinky. The smell permeates the cab.
Any problem if I remove it and just clean the pipe and run it naked?
Mort TD 1851

Nothing is wrapped around might find a crack or hole under it however?
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

It probably was an attempt to keep the passenger compartment cooler,, Not necessary,,


mort, unless it is really old it is probably a new high temp fiberglass wrap. you can buy these from several auto supply houses. it is intended to reduce heat in the engine compartment. i have used this on my '35 terraplane, it is quite looks very similar to after market wraps sold in the mid to late '30's so it is period correct for my hudson product. it eliminated vapor lock in the terraplane..but in that car the exhaust manifold connects to the exhaust pipe at the right FRONT corner of the block and travels back right past the fuel pump!! the wrap has helped A LOT. regards, tom
tom peterson

Mort - "I assume it's asbestos" On the off chance that it is an old asbestos wrap, wet it down real well with water while you are unwrapping it and put it in a plastic bag that you can seal up before tossing it in the trash. Keep any residue wet while scraping it off and put it in the same plastic bag. It would be best to wear a set of disposable coveralls when doing the work and add them to the plastic bag when finished. This may well be overkill and the wrap could very well not be asbestos, but an ounce of prevention is well worth it in this case, because there is no cure for mesotheleoma. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

can asbestos be tossed into the trash? regards, tom
tom peterson

can asbestos be tossed into the trash? regards, tom

Not legally! Even though some of the regulations are a little over the top, it must be put in hazardous waist at a recovery facility if it has asbestos in it. PJ
Paul J

Here are some pics of the wrap. If anyone can help identify it I would appreciate it.

Mort TD 1851

Second image

Mort TD 1851

Here is a modern product used to wrap motorcycle exhaust pipes. Your product looks very similar.

Except for the color that does look like it.
Mort TD 1851

Looks pretty modern. Most asbestos I have seen is more like thin cardboard, but no way to tell for sure. I would still get it soaking wet to prevent any dust, wear a good respirator and use precautions when removing . George
George Butz

This looks like a material used in marine exhaust applications. It is wrapped around the exhaust between the manifold and the water-cooled elbow. My boat has it and it was built in 1987, after asbestos use was pretty much eliminated. I wouldn't think that you are necesarrily dealing with asbestos, but for safety's sake, I would treat it as such.
Steven Tobias

Whenever I have encountered an Asbestos product it has been brittle, when removing it, it came off in chunks. Yours looks pliable.
To be safe use a spray bottle and wet it before handling it, add a few drops/tablespoons of liquid dish soap to the water, it makes the water (wetter) and helps it soak in better.
Use rubber gloves, a plastic drop cloth, and a particulate face mask, keep things wet. When you are done wrap everything up and place it in a heavier duty plastic bag before disposal including the gloves and face mask. Take a cool (not hot) shower to wash any loose dust off. I personal think that there is a lot more hip then need be when dealing with Asbestos, use common sense when handling it.

mort, all good advice here. after seeing your pics i believe that is the modern high temp fiberglass wrap. regards, tom
tom peterson

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