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MG TD TF 1500 - Extractor Manifold

There is a 1 3/4 inch extractor manifold for sale on eBay. This is just information for the owners interested in performance enhancements, and/or TD C owners.

I have no personal involvement in this item (or it's pricing ;^)) just passing on the sighting.
Dallas Congleton

Thanks for pointing that link out, Dallas...I'm the one selling it. If anyone is interested in it and want to wait until the end to bid the reserve is $500. If I'm violating some rule on the BBS about *advertising* please feel free to report this to the webmaster and have it removed.
Gene Gillam

Just out of curiosity what other performance enhancements did you have on the XPAG with this extraction manifold? That's an awful lot of carburetor for such a small engine!

Roy Challberg


When I thought I was going to get into vintage racing a friend of mine gave me this and a Laystall head. He'd gotten them during one of his travels to England years ago when he thought *he* was getting into vintage racing. We've both changed our minds so neither of us needs this. Before anyone asks - I will be using the Laystall head along with one of Manley Ford's extractor manifolds when I get my other TC back on the road.

Gene Gillam

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