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MG TD TF 1500 - Fabric Washer Alternative

A couple/few questions related to my other thread about a stripped float bowl lid: I could not stop a small seep from the banjo bolt connection to the front float bowl. I added a second fabric washer to the bolt, but it still leaked, so I over-torqued it, resulting in me stripping the threads of the fitting. Is there a better washer or sealer out there for this (and other) applications? Speaking of other leaks, I'll have to pull the XPEG engine for a third time: this time, to see why my Al Moss rear seal is still leaking, despite careful installation and a speedi-sleeve. Another leak: a small drip from the speedo cable connection on the tranny. Is this supposed to happen? Already repaired 2 leaky brake cylinders and a rear shock. Just 5 more leaks to go! thanks, Tyler
C.T. Irwin

The sealing faces of the bolt, the fuel line/banjo fitting, and the bowl must be close to perfect, without scratches or pits. Easy to refinish the bowl/fuel line faces with very fine sandpaper. Also, Check for a crack in the float lid- a friend in town had a leak and we found a linear crack through the edge of the threads. The new fiber washers seem to take a few days to seat- they need to be retightened several times. Then you should have no leaks. George
George Butz

If you do need something, gasoila works for me every time - just a dab will do ya

tw hager

tyler, did you use a thread sealer on the flywheel bolts when you did the kit install? i got caught by that forgetting that now the flange was in the oil bath with the new lip seal. also did your speedi sleeve extend FAR forward on the flange? i needed mine to go as far forward as it ended up just shy of the block. regards, tom
tom peterson

Tyler, check the archives. There's one called "Fuel Line Leak at Carbs" Here's a copy of my posting:
Bud Krueger, Massachusetts, USA,

David, I've run into this before. It's caused by a wrong parts issue. The banjo connections require properly sized fiber washers to work properly. The washer that the banjo bolt first goes through has to have a small enough outer diameter to fit into the recess in the outer side of the banjo fitting. The washer that is placed between the fitting and the float chamber can have a larger o.d. with no problem. I ran into this problem a couple of years ago (7/04). The o.d. of the gaskets that I had received was .885". The originals were .867". Joe Curto sent a new set to me that measured .877" o.d.. Problem solved.

I'd suggest checking your washers. Bud
Bud Krueger (TD10855)

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