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MG TD TF 1500 - Failing Points

What would be the symptoms (effects) of a fuel pumps points failing and in need of refreshment, short of their total failure.
Jon Levine

Intermittant ticking, nothing at all and then a rush of ticking, etc. Have it converted to solid state!

t lange

Jon - There are two different failure modes for the points. The first is the contacts being burned and pitted (age related). The second is the contacts filming over from disuse. The second mode is becoming the most common failure mode due to the cars being put into hibernation and very little driving of the car at all. Both types of failure is pretty much treated the same way - the contacts have to be thoroughly cleaned and if pitted, filed flat and smooth. The following is a write up of how to clean the points properly:
Your pump could probably be resurrected just by giving the points a good scrubbing. To do this, remove the end cover from the pump and loosen the 5BA screw that holds the upper points spring in place. Remove the spring and scrub the contacts on a medium grit sharpening stone or 400grit sand paper on a flat piece of steel or a sheet of glass until the contacts are bright and shiny. To clean the lower contacts, remove the two pedestal mounting screws and carefully rotate the pedestal back around the pivot pin that holds the lower toggle to the pedestal until the lower contacts on the toggle are fully exposed. Again use the medium grit sharpening stone or some 400 grit sand paper wrapped around a thin bar of steel to scrub the contacts until they are bright and shiny. Rotate the pedestal back in place and reinstall the mounting screws. Slid the upper contact spring under the 5BA screw and position the contacts over the lower contacts, then tighten the 5BA screw.

If the above fails, see my web site at: for a list of people who can repair/restore your pump. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

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