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MG TD TF 1500 - Famous T- Type race drivers

Hi Guys,

I am trying to form a list of famous drivers who started racing in a T-Type or who owned one. I know Jack Brabham, Carroll Shelby and Steve McQueen belong on the list. If you are interested in the list or can contribute information please go to the threads under the MG Motorsport subject in this forum.

Bob Schapel
R L Schapel

Denny Hulme the 1st New Zealander to win a F1 grand prix.
Bought himself a new mgtf.
Cheers John Chester-Freeman
J.K. Chester-Freeman

James Dean. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

Can you say Al Moss.
Maybe not as much as a race driver as the parts supplier, BUT he did race for almost 30 years.

M Grogan TD23816

I have a few documented here but they are primarily famous from an MG/Sports Car perspective. Many famous people owned MG's for all of about 5 minutes so I don't really count them.
Christopher Couper

Phil Hill.

Try this book if you're interested in this stuff:
Steve Simmons

M Grogan, or anyone who knows:

What's the lead car, No. 14, in the Al Moss picture? A Riley??


J. K. Chapin

If you're interested in racing history and are anywhere near Watkins Glen, New York, don't miss visiting the International Motor Racing Research Center. It is open to the public, free, and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. If a film was made of a race anywhere in the world, there is a good chance that they have a copy and will queue it up on a TV display for you to enjoy. In the past, I drove the track with the Porsche Club. On rain days I would go to the Research center and watch MG TCs running the old road course - on public roads, across railroad tracks and on main street through town. Interesting to watch a TC scream downhill toward town, slide into hay bales and land on it's side. Spectators were ready to right the car and replace the bales. All while the race continued.

Frank Bruns


I don't believe it's a Riley. Here is a picture of a early 50's roadster.


James Neel

One more. As you can see the Riley is much longer than the car in the other picture.

James Neel

I think itís a Wolseley 10 drophead coupe or a similar model.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Such as a Wolseley 25HP. 3.5litre engine.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Looks more like a Singer to me.

Joe Olson

Sam and Miles Collier, Denver Cornett, Richie Genther and John Fitch. From Richard Knudson's fabulous "MG Competition Cars and Drivers" book. Incredible documentation, photos, etc. Pretty much everyone that raced a T-series in the US, Europe and some from Australia are mentioned. This book has incredible photos from old #1 to a few Bs and everything in between, many in races or race trim. George
George Butz III

Joe. Could well be right, both cars look fairly similar, and both marques have been involved in racing.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Thanks guys, That is great information. Just what I was after.

If anyone has other details you could add it in the thread under "MG Motorsport" rather than keeping this thread bumped to the top of "T Series TD-TF".

Cheers Bob
R L Schapel

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