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MG TD TF 1500 - Fan blade

I am currently replacing my water pump on my 1955 mgtf. Is there a replacement for the original style fan blades to force more air through the radiator?
Andre de la Chevrotiere

You can use the MGB 7 blade plastic fan but it needs to be sleeved. I think I still have some fans ready sleeved for the TD/TF.


Declan Burns

I have one in my TD but I just unwrapped it and put it in. No sleaving required. Maybe a TF is different??
efh Haskell

Thank you! Declan, what would it cost to purchase one with the shipping? Also, any thoughts about Elf's comment that they bolt right on. Thanks to both of you.
Andre de la Chevrotiere

You can use the original mounting screws if you retain the original cylindrical mounting block. Its easier to get at the screws if you place the block on top of the fan in the recess instead of underneath.
Dave H
Dave Hill

The holes in the MGB fan are on average (they are not uniform)7mm. The fixing bolts for the TD/TF are just 5mm. I'm quite sure the fan will fit without the sleeves but I like to make sure it is centred properly.
Fan cost 72 sleeved
Postage to USA 3.70.
I will have to check my stock first.


Declan Burns

If you choose to buy one from Mosd or other sources. There are two fans. You want the late model unit as the bolt hole spacing is the same. For a bushing I simply bought some brass tubing from OSH or ACE hardware and cut to length then split with a hacksaw blade and pressed into the bushing.
W. A. Chasser

Absolutely correct.If you buy from Moss get Moss 434-340 (12H4744) not 434-332. The brass tubing as a bush is fine.

Declan Burns

Only one left at the moment.
Declan Burns

At anything above 15mph the cars movement provides more airflow than any fan. Unless you are in stop and go traffic will see no benefit at cruise.
More help by correct timing, cleaning the bugs off routinely, no heavy paint build up, no dragging brakes.
Regards, tom
tm peterson

A clutch fan would be a help, but I know of none that could be converted to fit. I personally have no cooling problems with my new 4 row core and completely clean water passages in the block, no rust. It's silly to pay all that money to have the engine rebuilt and not cook the block with the core plugs out to get rid of all the rust build up, a major cooling issue. JMHO. PJ

Thank you all for your comments. I will weigh all the options and proceed with the improvement!
Andre de la Chevrotiere

If your electrical system can handle it you could install an electric fan. More efficient, increases engine horsepower, safer. But your electrical system needs to be in good shape, or upgraded to a more powerful generator or alternator. Not too expensive an upgrade, either.
Geoffrey M Baker

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