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MG TD TF 1500 - Fascinating TF Steering Wheel on eBay

Never, EVER, have I seen such a steering wheel on a T-type! And interesting (storage?) box behind the seats. Looks like a decent and interesting 1250 car, but it might well be a Gold Seal engine, a replacement. Who knows with these guys! I hate the door panels...

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

I don't know about decent Tom. Looks to be a lot of bubbling rust under the shiney gray paint. Look at the rear valance and around the doors. Steering wheel looks scary to me. Locker box Hmmmmm?? It has a blue oval badge similar to what I have seen on the German T's..I think Colin has that if I remember correctly.
MG LaVerne

Interesting find Tom.

I wonder what the car number is? Besides all the crazy mods on the car, it has the blue German dealer badge CHR ODENDAHL FRANKFURT on the ride side panel.
Frank Cronin

Checking the recent posts....I think LaVerne and I were typing and clicking "send" at the same time
Frank Cronin

It would be TF6266, based on the engine number. It was originally cream (HDP). It certainly was not restored when it was re-painted!

LaVerne - sorry, my eyes aren't good enough to see the rust,except on the valance, where I have not seen rust bubbles before. Paint bubbles, yes...

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Black of course, not an original interior colour. Doesn't say if its leather of plastic.

Door stoppers missing too. Chromed hinges - tacky.

Be interesting to see what it fetches in 9 days.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A Clark

The wheel is indeed strange,, two knerled knobs,, and what looks like a removable piece to install something in the black "frames" between the spokes???



It reminds me of a Morgan trike wheel, where there are throttle, spark, etc. controls mounted right on the wheel.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

When I was restoring old American cars, I've seen steering wheels at shows similar but not exactly like this in a few late teens and 1920s period cars. I don't believe it's from an American car, a foreign car for sure. Very interesting find. PJ
Paul S Jennings

Maybe the rim is removable. I helped a neighbor build a 1916 Ford T-model speedster and it had what he called a "fat mans" steering wheel. It was hinged and had a latch to allow it to flip up.
Rich (TD 3983) Taylor

Missing one horn and definitely problems under driver's door and behind passenger door. Interesting that there are no close up pictures of body.

Jim Neel

Actually, this is a pretty fair TF, compared to the the typical Beverly Hills Car Club offering. Most of the ones they post on e-Bay and elsewhere are in need of tons of work.

Door cards are definitely homemade; I had something similar years ago on a 100-6. Steering wheel might also be a one off by the PO using a center section from something else that would fit the TF steering column.
Charles Duffy

Rich called it on the wheel. Neville Fat Mans wheel - found a little on it here:
Dan Craig

eBay Item # 271433551402
Gene Gillam

The link on dragtimes will not get you to the add.
Go to the search box on the lower left and enter Fat Man

You will see it part way down.

Jim b.
JA Benjamin

The links show better pics. The small knob must slide in to release. The one I remember had a catch shaped like a trigger on the hub near the steering column.
Rich (TD 3983) Taylor

I have seen a steering wheel like that, the owner/driver had an arm(?) problem and it was a specifically designed steering wheel.
Barry Bahnisch

Fat Man steering wheel from Drag Times. I never saw one exactly like it. Was it made here or elsewhere? PJ

Paul S Jennings

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