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MG TD TF 1500 - Fastener Kit

I ordered up a "MG in a box" fastener kit from A-Series Spares (

I was told this was a full fastener kit for the TD.

The kit turned out to be their MG midget kit with additional fasteners for the TD.

Unfortunately, the kit is US heads. So it is not appropriate for a complete restoration of the TD.

I have emailed the company and expressed my concern and also my willingness to assist them in coming up with a complete TD fastener kit.

I have referred them to Chris Coopers list on the web.

I have written to Chris to identify a few additional fasteners (Dash and glove box trim and hinge screws, drive shaft bolts/nuts, rear backing plate to axle nuts/bolts, etc.).

I think this is a valid project so that we do have a source for all the fasteners used on the TD. Here is hoping they see it the same and will put it together for us.

I think British fasteners in the US might also be a good place to approach with the same request.
Bruce Cunha

Bruce if it is a Midget kit, as in Sprite/Midget, very little will be correct I I may be wrong but I believe BSF fasteners had been phased out by then. There is absolutely no hardware that should accept a US spec wrench.

Doesn’t sound like they knew what they were doing when they “made the kit”.

Bill Chasser
W A Chasser

Bruce, the closest I could come to the original bolts was what I ordered from Brown & Gammons, what's on my car now. I didn't order any kits, I chose individual bolts, nuts and the washers, which were as thick and correct diameter as the original washers. At the time they didn't have the original style locking nuts, maybe they do now, don't know. PJ
PJ Jennings

I have seen appropriate nuts and bolts on various part provider web site. My car has so many US nuts and bolts, that I thought a kit with everything would have been easier, than trying to order every nut, bolt, washer and screws individually.

I think it is still a good idea to have a kit, so I am hoping they are willing to work with me on it. Per another post I got, this shop is right around the corner from imperial nut and bolt specialist.

According to their web page, Imperial Nut and Bolt carries BSF and BSW and from the look of the parts boxes on their web, A-Series Spares is either a part of this company or they get the boxes from them also.

I will approach British Fasteners here in the US to see if they might have an interest in building a kit.
Bruce Cunha

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