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MG TD TF 1500 - Female fitting

Hey all, there is a radiator installed in the car that has not got a fitting for the temp gauge sensor. Does anyone know if the "female fitting" is available and/or what thread size it is? Thanks, Tom
Thomas McNamara

Thomas, TDs didn't have water temperature gauges until Feb. 1952, Car #13914. If you're going to install one I might suggest that you obtain the gauge first and then obtain a fitting that matches the thread on the bulb end of the tubing. I think Dave DuBois can tell you what the thread is on an OEM gauge. The archives have quite a few threads of folks who located the bulb by the water pump, ala, TF. Bud
Bud Krueger

Moss lists male/male and male/female adaptors , #49 on chassis page. George
George Butz

Bud - Thanks for the vote of confidence, but unfortunately I don't have that particular thread listed, even though it is the same for the TD, TF, MGA and MGB - it is 5/8 - 18. This is the thread on jam nut (or the sensor in the case of the later MGBs) for holding the capillary tube and bulb that fits into the head of the later cars and the adapter that is in the expansion tank at the top of the radiator for the TD and TF. Cheers - Dave
DW DuBois

In my experience, female fittings take forever.


The TF thread is American pipe, so I will presume the TD rad fitting was as well.
By the way anybody, with a TF, the temperature bulb thread is American pipe but the heater outtake next to it is British pipe. Mix them up at your peril.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

Buds suggestion to wait until you get the temperature gauge is a very good one.
There were two configurations on the bulb sealing.
One used a GozInto an the other used a GozOnto.
I am posting two pictures, in two separate posts to show this.
Also note that both require an adapter and the radiator threads mate to the adapter and not the bulb.

Jim B.

First one, A BoxInto

JA Benjamin

Next picture

Jim B.

A GozOnto.

JA Benjamin

Don't want to start another big discussion, but my 1950 TD #4139, has a Jaeger green face separate temperature gauge mounted to the left of the steering wheel. Radiator is original and has the water gauge female fitting.

The figure Bud is quoting is when MG started putting the dual amp/temp gauge in.

These could obviously have been added by the dealer or even sometime after that, but if not factory, the people that put the female fitting in did it very well.

So who else has a separate Jaeger temp gauge?
Bruce Cunha

Er, that should be dual oil pressure/temperature gauge
Bruce Cunha

The TC radiators came with male threads coming out, and a curious cap. They did not come with a temp gauge of any kind, but a bulb will fit right in there.
D mckellar

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