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So after recommending a site for electrical supplies on another thread, ("Suggested Locations for Adding In Line Fuses"), I got to looking around on the site and some new, (to me), items on there.

Years ago I installed extra bulbs in my "TF1500 Reflectors" so I would have more visible/higher turn and stop lamps. Back when I did that LED style bulbs were not easy to come by, expensive, and limited in size that would fit under the reflectors so I used small "flat" type bulbs.

Been saying for years I would swap them out for LEDS.
(Noticed one of them is burnt out so this seems like a good time to do this!)

These look like they may be what I have been waiting for.

Anybody on here by chance tried these yet?

David Sheward "IZZY" TF 7427

Dave, notice how directional those LEDs are. Festoon bulbs will pivot in their housing, which means the light spread may change due to vibration, causing the light to not shine where you want it...
Geoffrey M Baker

Noticed that...was thinking either a soldier "tack" or even a drop of lock-tite or glue should correct it.

On a different note:
Noticed Triple-C no longer sells my favorite T-shirt! K6006 no longer shows up. :-( Bummer.
To those of you I sent one to...looks like it may be a real collectors item now!
Looks like the dropped the whole line of "Kartoon LBC shirts".

Poor Izzy longer famous! LOL

David Sheward "IZZY" TF 7427

Keep in mind that most LED's are negative earth.

Bill Brown

Polarity no problem on a festoon. If it doesn't work, turn it around.
JE Carroll

I was walking on a dock last night that was outlined with blue LED lights pointing straight up. They were so bright that I couldn't look directly into them. LEDs have certainly come a long way.

All the new taxiway lights are LED. We have an enhanced vision system that displays either on the HUD - head up display or on a multi function display. The cold LED lights don't show up on what is an infrared detection system.
JE Carroll

Dave, considering the relatively low cost, you can test and see if you like them. But LEDs have a wide variety of direction patterns, I would research the mfg pdf on LED properties for that lamp to see if it's got a good enough light spread.
Geoffrey M Baker

Haven't been able to find specs on these...kind of why I was curious if anybody here had tried them.

At this price I think I will become our test pilot!

I have a setup now that allows me to use my driving & fog lamp as extra turn signals in the front. (I have amber lens in those) As small as these are I may re-do that and try sticking a pair in the front as well.

I'll report back and let everyone know how this works.

David Sheward

I haven't actually taken the lens off of either my tail lights or my front marker lights but I've always assumed tht the bulbs would have some kind of pretty standard bayonet base. The LEDs pictures appears to be sort of an end to end mounts somewhat like a fuse. Do they require installing a new kind of bulb holder?


J K Chapin

JK, yes these bulbs are the kind you often see in the overhead interior lamp in cars and are called "festoon" bulbs. They would require the correct bulb holder to mount anywhere.
(No idea why they are called "festoon" though)
Geoffrey M Baker

"festoon" = "a chain of anything", in this case a chain of bulbs.
efh Haskell

A festoon of thanks to Geoff, EHF and everybody else.

J K Chapin

These will not be going in the stock lamps for brake & turn signals. I am looking at putting them here as extra lamps.
In the back reflectors. (I have regular bulbs installed there now.)
And inside my fog/driving lamps in the front. (I have those wired now so I can use them as turn signals or straight "on"...but they work the flasher a bit hard so don't use those often.)

The idea is to be seen a bit better!

OBTW: After looking around on Amazon I have now found these for closer to around $2.00 each.
Cancelled my $47.00 order I put in this morning and will give that a try for sure!

David Sheward


When you remove the reflectors to make the change, please let me know the dimensional placement of the reflectors. I have a TF 1250 and am adding the reflector / lights. I found a 19 mm round festooned light I will use. They are from China - only $2.95 for a pair.



RG Taylor

I haven't ordered yet as I am still going through (too many) options I have found on Amazon!
Is that were you found those?

On placement:
Not amazing that I "did" this ...but very amazed that I was able to "find" it! LOL

12+ years ago when Izzy was down to bare metal:

David Sheward

Dave S, Thanks for the clarification. All this makes a bunch more sense now.

J K Chapin

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