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MG TD TF 1500 - Figured out the ugly weld on master cyl bracket

I found some ugly welds on the bracket that holds the master cylinder on the frame. Could not figure out if it was factory or what.

Well, I was cleaning threads today and found someone must have cross threaded the bolt that holds the master cylinder to the bracket. They cut the bracket off, welded new nuts and then welded the bracket back on. Unfortunately, they welded American thread nuts on.

So, now I will cut off the ugly weld. Add the correct BSF nuts and re-weld it back on. Hopefully with a nicer weld.

Bruce Cunha

Take it back off. If you need me to MiG weld new nuts and the box back on let me know. Also new LHD and RHD boxes are available. I have not seen the product first hand.

Bill Chasser
W A Chasser

Thanks Bill. From the looks of it, should not be all that hard to cut it off. I am actually pretty good with a MIG. But then nothing compared to my brother. He does pretty stick welds.

I have a bunch of nuts to add to the frame that are missing. Still waiting on my nuts/bolts from the UK. They send me an email each week. Sounds like they are trying to get it right.
Bruce Cunha

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