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MG TD TF 1500 - Filter Before Fuel Pump problem ??

In a previous thread Dave Braun mentioned that a "Extra filters before the pump can lead to big trouble" What's the rationale, I know Dave B is the fuel pump guru, had thought of putting one in, even have cut fuel line in front of pump over wheel well, won't install till I hear

Jon Levine


Correction, Dave DuBois is the fuel pump guru. I just follow what he says, and basically, a clogged filter BEFORE the SU pump will quickly render it inopporative. The pump works until pressure on the outlet side stops it from working (like a float closing an inlet needle). It will continue to pump against no pressure on the otlet side with a clogged filter preventing fuel flow until it burns up.

I bet Dave DuBois will chime in and correct some of my description.

Dave Braun

Jon - You can red the article, SU Fuel Pumps Facts and Myths in the SU Fuel Pump Articles section on my web site at: for a complete description of the problem that a clogged filter on the inlet side of a SU fuel pump can cause. The problem caused on a points style pump is not seen except for premature points failure, even when the points have been replaced with new ones. On one of the new, all electronics pumps it will stop the pump from running and power is left on long enough, will even irreparably damage the circuit board. You can read the details in the above article. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

This thread was discussed on 18/05/2009

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