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MG TD TF 1500 - Finally found why the LBC kept dieing

Symptom: car would run 30 t0 45 minutes or until thoroughly warmed up then die. Been doing this for a couple months.

What I did: I changed condensor, coil, checked timing 10 ways to sunday and checked all other parts. fuel pump was running, both of them. glass fuel filter showed there was fuel in it. Could not see the problem.

Resolution: Fuel filter was plugging up. There is some rust sediment still coming from my tank. I could see it in the glass filter but it didn't look that bad. But...the mesh in the filter has a rather small surface area and is very fine. Apparently it would plug while running and dry up the carbies. Apparently when I'd stop some of the rust would fall to the bottom of the filter and thus let some fuel through. Car would start back up and run a bit then stop. Was driving me nuts. It sure seemed like a heat related problem. So yesterday I pulled the filter and installed a bigger one with a pleated paper element for more surface area. Drove around for well over an hour with no problems.

So that old saying, 90% of the carburation problems are electric, could actually go the other way in this case. At least it's solved.
l rutt

Would getting one of those magnets on a stick things and dunking it down in the tank help (I mean removing the tank and sealing it is the answer)....I think rust sticks to magnets?
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

I'm not convinced sealing is the ticket these days, especially with these tanks. I'll have to check to see if this poweder is really that ferrous as to be attracted by a magnet.

At least I know I can swap out a $3 filter once in a while and keep the problem at bay. The tank should clear up soon as I did flush it quite well before painting.
l rutt

I was plagued by rust in the tank. It drove me crazy until I cleaned and sealed the tank. I used the Eastwood system and the problem went away. I have to say that I had a problem similar to yours when I first started driving the car. The car would die after a half an hour with no warning. After pushing the car back to my garage and waiting a couple of hours, the car would start and run fine for about a half hour and then the cycle would repeat. After trying everything, I finally replaced the coil and the problem was solved.
Steven Tobias

i'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade here, but i have not heard of a fuel filter that was so plugged the car would die, but yet was self cleaning so that after the car was parked it would allow gas to flow freely again...for 30 minutes, wash and repeat.
the only time i have heard of something like this (that was a fuel contamination issue..) it was large pieces of various things in the bottom of the tank that would work their way over to the fuel pick would die. with the engine stopped and no fuel being drawn from the tank the debris would drift away from the pickup only to migrate back during the next run and dies again.
having said that i hope you found the trouble..but it doesn't make sense to me, but as my wife tells me, "what do you know?". regards, tom
tom peterson

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