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MG TD TF 1500 - Finally Starting my TD Project

I had to clear out a GT parts car I was stripping but it's done and gone now. Wheels dollies are great and my GT is spun around, moved over and the TD is now nose in ready to be worked on. I think I've had it about 8 years but I kept getting attacked by B's so I never got started.

It's been long enough and I really want to drive her.

I'll probably post a bunch here, on the BCF and over on MGE.

Wish me luck.

How do you add pictures anyway.
VWP Pina

Ahhh yes ...another "Phonex" rising form the ashes!
Best of luck always so nice to watch one come back. Keep us posted.
David Sheward

We haven't heard from you in a while,,, now we know why.. welcome back
Try the following for uploading photos;

Just below the box that you add your comment in, find and click on the word Upload (underlined)
That will open another small window with a button called “Browse…”
Click on that Browse button, and find the folder with the picture that you want to upload. Click on the picture, (JPG’s Only) then click on “Open” and the location will appear in the box next to “Browse”
Click “Submit” and it should appear with your comments.
You will get a message that says
“Thank you, your file (xxxxxx.jpg) was successfully uploaded.”
Close the window
Then click “submit” to submit your mressage

Hope it helps...
Steve Wincze

And.... if your photo is too large, you should see a little note telling it is too big....
It seems to be accepting larger files the last few months then it did when first added to the site....?

Vince! Welcome back into the fold and away from the 'Dark Side'

Dave Braun

HI Vince. Great to see you back.

PS. Steering gear for the B you sold me is great.

BEC Cunha

Was wondering that just the other day. I have a few more racks and while moving them around, you came to mind. I knew I'd be back it just took me some time to get some of these other things out of my system. First midgets and then B's. I still have all of my B's and then some. The '63 I just picked up is at the body shop and while it's out of the garage, I'll have plenty of room to dance in there. I've been collecting parts for some time and with money being almost non existent I hope I have it all. Brakes are probably shot and I'll see how I do with them. Sell a few more parts to get some tires and then it should be at least roadworthy enough to sort out the small stuff.
VWP Pina

Well it's about darn time! Keep us updated on your progress, and also let us know when you dump those "modern" cars in favor of a real motoring experience. :)
Steve Simmons

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