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MG TD TF 1500 - Finished brakes on my TD

Well, It's finished. Installed six new brake cylinders, a new master cylinder, new brake shoes, new brake pipes and new hoses. I over-cleaned the backing plates and drums, etc. I decided for the DOT 5 silicone fluid and I'm not disappointed. I kinda like the purple stuff, anyway. Can anyone remember back in the fifties... Royal some thing Purple Motor Oil?
Anyway... this seems like a milestone for me... I'm gonna hang the stainless exhaust system and set the body back on.
Sid Orr

On the metal recessed floor plate, under the carpet I have a piece of card with "silicone fluid' marked on it... Just in case someone (?) tries to top up with other then silicone!
gblawson - TD#27667

Nice progress Sid. Royal Purple Motor Oil. You just brought back a lot of memories. It is still around.

Using silicon, that may be the last brake job you have to do.
BEC Cunha

Royal Triton Motor Oil, sold by Union 76 as I rememberd.
David DuBois

Congratulations Sid. I spent the next four weeks after finishing my system gradually chasing down minor seepages which can occur with Silicon.

Gordon, great idea. I'll do the same!

Dave Braun

The Silicone fluid originally came with a sticker to post near the master cylinder.. it's a great idea to mark it.

I just ha a frend tha topped up with DOT 3, (on his silicone filled system).

Total failure in 1 week! it's a good idea to mark it.
Don Harmer

Royal Triton Purple Motor Oil...
I used it in my old straight eight overhead valve Buick Special. (Forty years ago)
I haven't had any leak issues with my silicone brake fluid yet, but I'll keep a close watch for leaks.
This is a lifetime project, so I hope this is the last brake expense.

Sid Orr

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