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MG TD TF 1500 - Five Speed Transmission

The rebuilt engine and the new five speed synchronized transmission are now successfully installed in my 52 TD. Along with the newly designed front and rear crank shaft seals to eliminate the oil drips.

I should have known better but I didn't think that the car would have to be completely rebuilt around the new transmission. But it did. The engine now sits 3/8th of an inch forward and the frame supports had to be custom made. Understandably the floor boards had to be cut to accommodate the size difference between the old transmission and the new conversion.

The carpet is going to be a slight issue. I'm looking for a supplier of loop carpeting that doesn't have a backing that I can permanently glue to the new housing and avoid wrinkles. The shifter is now covered with a MGB cover which looks good.

Showing the car has never been my interest, just driving her on the Blue Ridge Parkway sixty miles from my home and on the back roads. I do however want her to look good.

R C Flowers

Which transmission did you choose?
Jim Merz

The transmission for the Ford Sierra, the T9, five speed. Gearing is pretty much as the original TD transmission with an over drive. I still have to have the speedometer synchronized for the new transmission.
R C Flowers

If that is the Moss conversion I though they say it includes the hardware to move the engine forward? And they say nothing about the floorboards needing mods. Is this a Moss? Curious because Skyhook is out of business and I still long for a 5 speed!
efh Haskell


The Moss 5-speed comes from which is run by Peter Gamble. Even including shipping and duty you SAVE money ordering direct.

I have 5-speeds in both of my TC's. One from Moss, the other from Hi-Gear. One big difference is customer service - I bought the Hi-Gear in April 2009 and just installed it last October. To make a long story short, I heard some noise from the rear of the transmission and called Peter to talk about it last week. He offered to ship me a new transmission at his cost if I can't resolve the issue with some differential work I need to do. Imagine Moss offering that after 5 years.

Gene Gillam

The HiGear web site says the engine has to be moved 10mm to the front and the list of parts supplied includes a thin fan spacer and a modified wing tie bar for the TF. I phoned HiGear to enquire about the clutch mechanism, especially the articulation arm from the sump, which I thought might have to be lengthened. They said it doesn't. I was also concerned about the Vokes airfilters on my TF. If the engine has to be moved forwards the front filter will be even closer to the, tapering, bonnet side. Maybe someone who has converted a TF could comment? HiGear did say they have developed a kit where the MG crossmember is removed and replaced with a tubular one, a little to the rear which leaves the engine in the original place.

Jan T

J Targosz

I got my transmission, completely rebuilt and modified from John Esposito. He also supplied me with my forged crank. He got the transmission and crankshaft from England. Even with shipping, I saved $1700.00 and John was always available to take my call and answer any questions.
R C Flowers

i installed the Hi gear kit in my TF a couple of years ago. A bit of fiddling, but no real problems.


JE Kristoffersen

This is from the latest Totally T Talk publication that I just recieved a few days ago,,,

Hi-Gear 5-Speed conversions
Peter Gamble has been in touch to advise that a
modification has been perfected which obviates
the need to move the engine forward by 10cm on
the TD. He is hoping to have it ready for inspection
at the Stoneleigh show in early March.


For the article, go to
Just a short "blurb" towards the end

If someone has a TD/TF gear box on the bench could they please measure the length of the input shaft from the face of the casing that houses the gears to the splines, the length of the splines and the length from the splines to the end of the shaft. I want to do a comparison with the Ford Type 9 gearbox. My box is in the car.

Thanks in anticipation

Jan T
J Targosz

Hi Jan T,
The measurements you require are.
From TD 0267
Overall length of input shaft 154mm
Length from housing to splines 67mm
Length of splines 48mm
Length from splines to end of shaft 39mm
I have just recently installed a Hi- Gear 5 speed and can't believe how complete the kit was and how it all fits together. It is a credit to Peter Gamble.
At this stage it is only in the rolling chassis so I can't wait to get the car finished to try it out but from what I hear it will transform the car.
Hope this is of some help for you.
Regards Robert.
R Browne

"Just a short "blurb" towards the end". End of what page?
Can't find that blurb on line. Could you be more specific? I'm interested!
efh Haskell

I've spoken to HiGear today and concur they couldn't have been more pleasant or helpful. Apparently the issue is if you bolt a Ford Type 9 gear box to an EXPAG engine and bellhousing the rear of the 'box fouls the T series cross member by 20mm. HiGear solved this problem by manufacturing a new bellhousing 10mm shorter than the EXPAG (this is the maximum that can be "shaved" off)and moving the engine 10mm to the front. It was confirmed that on some TFs the carb flange spacers have to be removed to allow clearance for the air filters. The new HiGear kit allows the engine to remain in its original position. The conversion can be carried out without even opening the bonnet! This is achieved by cutting a section out of the TD/TF crossmember and replacing it with a provided bracket. Even the original gear box cover is retained. HiGear will have a stall at the Stonleigh mg spares Day with one of these new kits on display and I hope to inspect this and especially to see how easy it would be to return a converted car to originality

Jan T
J Targosz

Top of page 17, Ed. Bud
Bud Krueger

Believe Hi Gear has a new kit comming up, which - as metioned by Jan - eliminates the need for moving the engine forward. instead half of the tubular crossmember is removed and a new crossmember fitted instead. this might be interesting for especially TF owners considering going for the T9 gearbox?
should be available around mid/end march

Torben Olesen

Reactivated for Bill
MG LaVerne

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