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MG TD TF 1500 - Flasher Can Socket

Having spent more time than might be wise staring at the bonnetless engine compartment of my TD I've decided that the shiney bare metal flasher can just look out of place and that it should be relocated to under the dash. Given the reliability issues I and others have had with these units I want to make it easily replaced so I've been looking for a socket that the unit could plug into. The only candidate that I've sound so far that looks like it would fit is for a late '30s - mid '40s Chevy truck (see image).

Does anyone know if a flasher can socket for our thermal flashers exists? Thanks. Jud

J K Chapin

Jud - E-mail me, I may have what you need. Cheers - Dave
D W DuBois

Dave, you've got mail. Thanks. Jud
J K Chapin

I too thought mine looked "out of place" 3 years ago and mounted it in the "proper" position under the dash. I don't think that way anymore! Nuff said?

And mine doesn't look like above. Mine looks like a "can" and simply snaps into a "C" shaped spring clamp that probably cost a buck. Sorry, I don't have a picture handy. I'm curious Jud, what kind of can is that?
efh Haskell

It's an Echlin 550 from NAPA. The first one failed out of the box. This on has lasted going on 2 years. Jud
J K Chapin

The standard socket for a sealed beam headlamp fits our flasher cans.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

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