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MG TD TF 1500 - Flathead V8-60

I'm looking for a Ford V8-60 engine for a project. I have a spare complete XPAG for trade. Marv TD/C12828
Marvin Stuart

Sorry, I think Honest Charley beat you to it.
David Lieb

thermometerproject. If it was good enough for Ol' Shel' in the 50's, it has to be time for someone to recreate the projects. Three pictures of a TC with a 60/V8 to follow.

What are the relative weights of an XPAG and a 60/V8?

Cold in Alberta this morning, gentlemen. -26

Dave Jorgensen

Picture #2:

Dave Jorgensen

Picture #3:

The plaque reads:
1948 MGTC
Owned by Pat Hart, Redmond WA
Constructed in 1948 by SO-CAL SPEED SHOP
ENGINE: 1940 FORD V8/60, stroked 1/16”
164 ci displacement, Ardun ohv conversion [1 of 21 sets built]
4 – 40 mm Weber IDF’s, Mallory custom ignition, approximately 150 hp
Borg-Warner T-50 5-speed
MBG rear end, coil-overs
Tube front axle
AC-Alfin front drums
MGB rear brakes
Borrani wheels

Dave Jorgensen

Marvin, go to this site and post. A lot of activity here and knowledgeable folks.

D C Congleton

I find some contradiction in the details on the board that this TC was CONSTRUCTED IN 1948 BY SO-CAL SPEED SHOP

1. I don’t believe that AC made any cars that used Alfin drums ‘till about 1951 (AC ACE)
2. I think that there were many more than 21 sets of Ardun heads made. Although the original ones are indeed rare, they continue to be manufactured and a new set will set you back $13,950. Don Orosco (who I sold a load of Ferrari stuff to a few years ago) was the moving and financial force behind their current availability.
3. The T50 gearbox wasn’t an item ‘till around 1975
4. Any MGB stuff certainly didn’t exist in 1948
5. The tube front axle with the traction bars, sure seems out of place, as does the pressurized fuel tank on the scuttle.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.

Gordon A. Clark

Reading the attached image, I read it was re-constructed in years 1976-1983.
Marvin Stuart

I recall a friend in the early 50's, had a TC with a V8/60 installed. It looked like a very neat engine swap. I asked if he knew what the weight difference was in the motors and he said that he did not weigh them [ which I found strange] but he said there did not seem to be a great deal of difference when he and a friend lifted the XPAG out and the V8/60 in manually.

Like Gordon C., I question some of the information contained on the plaque. THe V8/60 was only produced in the early 30's and by the 40's, Ford had been producing V8/85 for several years.

George Raham
TD 4224
G. L. Raham


I'm sorry you I missed you by a couple of years. I sold a V-8 60 that my dad had rebuilt before he passed away.

Being an old midget racer in the forties, it just seemed natural for him to put one in his TD in the late fifties. Something he was going to re-create before he ran out of time. I sold the 60 to a friend to put in a Model A before I could install it in my Morris Minor, another conversion my dad did back in the fifties.

To correct some mis-statements, The 60 horsepower ford was only built domestically from 1937 to 1940. It might even weigh a little less than the XPAG. The Ardun heads for the 60 are far more rare than those used on the larger V-8s, 21 might not be wrong.

Keep looking, they show up in Hemmings from time to time.

Mike Francks


The currrent Ardun offering is for the flathead Ford V8. They have their own web-site - see:-

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A. Clark

In "Road & Track on MG Sports Cars, 1949 - 1961" there is an article from 1954 showing what was involved in that particular swap, including changing the firewall to drastically reduce legroom, and a chain-driven steering mechanism to get around the extra width of the engine. It looks like a hoot to drive for short distances.

T. A. Sorensen

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your comments on the V8/60 block, as I was not aware that Ford went back into the production of the small block from 1937 to 1940. The initial production of the V8/60 was in 1932 and by 1934, had been improved to 85 hp. as a result of a number of improvements to the mechanicals. Through many modifications, it proved to be a very versitile light weight engine. I bet your Dad had a lot of great racing stories to tell from his experiences on the track.

George Raham
TD 4224
G. L. Raham

I believe the 60 hp produced in '32-'33 was the same size block (221 ci) as the 34 85hp but lacked the horsepower because of carburation and other minor differences. The later ('37) 60hp was a much smaller looking engine with displacement well under 200 ci. It was a very popular boat engine and that's where many of them ended up.


From 32 to 34 Ford had the 4 cylinder Model B and the v-8 85 hp. The V-8 60 was a smaller over-all engine then the 85. Was built from 37 to 40. Had a 37 ford pickup in the early 50,s. Very under powered.

V8 221 ft. lbs. torque at 1250 rpm
85hp at 3700 rpm

V8 136 CU. IN. 94 ft. lbs. torque at 2500 rpm
60 hp. at 4200 rpm.

The XPAG engine is far superior to the V8-60 in my opinion. I have worked on them both.
Dave Rezin
DL Rezin

Are you sure it was a boat engine or a boat anchor.
DL Rezin

To all, I appreciate all the responses, I think I have a couple of V8-60 leads. The article that I'm using is from May, 1956 Hot Rod magazine. Thanks again, Marv TD/C12828
Marvin Stuart

HI Marv,
I spoke with Chuck today his budies down in FL. recommend:
David werblow


You sure you want to do a 'flathead/TD' project...? How about a '32 ford' and a stock TD? You could cover both american and british shows...?


But wouldn't a '52 TD and a stock V8-60 accomplish the same thing? Marv TD/C12828
Marvin Stuart

Many of these engines became moorings after two years of pumping salt water through them. I dug up a model T engine at the end of my dock a few years ago.

A friend has a few v8 60 blocks, short blocks, none complete.By the way he was the builder of the Corvette TD written up in The Immortal T Series, by Chris Harvey."very presentable..finish absolutely superb...outwardly the car looked standard except for wider wheels" . The car is still winning at the Hot Rod shows.
Len Fanelli

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