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MG TD TF 1500 - Float Bowl

I was just on my way to a show and when I turned the key on the fuel pump never stopped pumping. Hmmmm I smell gas!
Float bowl on the carb is leaking around the tickler pin. Opened it up and the float was on the bottom. Took the float out and it is partially filled with gas. Dried it of and can not find the leak. I shake it hard and nothing comes out.
I know it is easy to replace but I don't have a spare.
Any ideas for a quick fix?
Mort 50 TD (Mobius)

Just looking at the Moss catalog and see two different floats. Anyone have experience with the Nitrophyl one?

370-010 $14.75
FLOAT, brass

370-015 $21.95
FLOAT, Nitrophyl
Note: It will not crack or absorb fuel and is impervious to new fuel formulations.
Mort 50 TD (Mobius)

Mort. Heat the float with a heat gun ( Your
wif's hair dryer ) Not too hot and you will see the hole where it leaks.
Thoralf Sorensen (TD4490)

Once you find the leak, you can temporarily fix it with a dab of jb weld until you get your new float. I suspect you will find a mark where someone used a screw driver or such implement to pry the float out of the chamber.
D. Sander

The nitrophyl float has everything going for it, except price. It appears to be unaffected by the dreaded ethanol, and cannot spring a leak. And as brass gets more and more expensive and the quality of craftsmanship sinks lower and lower, nitrophyl floats seem a better and better investment.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

I had a fuel sender float on an old truck with the same problem. Found leak with hairdryer (The one I keep in the shop :-)) as Thoralf suggested. There was no way all the fuel was ever going to come back out that hole in a timely manner so I drilled it, drained and dried it, and soldered it. It's there to this day.
JE Carroll

Mort, If you can get the float empty, sometimes depending where the leak is a temp repair just to get you going would be to put the float in upside down from how it was. You may get lucky and have the leak controlled. Might be enough to get you home.

Personally I would replace with a brass float like original, after all they last 60 years, and are impervious to all gas formulations. They do hairline fracture after many years, and that is what may have happened with yours. Especially if you tumble polish them.
CR Tyrell

Thank you all for the useful information. The float had gas in it but i could not find the leak visually. After reading through the archives I put it in hot water and saw the stream of bubbles. I marked the location and drilled two small holes in that area. Holding it upside down I blew compressed air in one hole and cleared the float of gas. A little flux and soldering iron and I made a very effective but ugly repair.
I got back on the road and am now at the local PAL show.
Now comes the decision on which of the floats to purchase. I will keep the old one as a spare.
Thanks again,
Mort 50 TD (Mobius)

Keep in mind that the newer synthetic floats are a bit lighter in weight.

Make sure both floats are the same.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A Clark

Gord, if the fuel levels,after setting, are the same, why do the floats need to be of the same material?
Regards, Tom
tm peterson

Mort has a single carb, I think.
JE Carroll


One assumes that the float bowls can rise at different rates on demand. At least, that's the way I see it.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A Clark

Mort, contact Joe Curto 718 762 SUSU.
Len Fanelli

I could see the bubbles when I boiled it but could not see the holes. Just drilled 2 holes in the area.

Mort 50 TD (Mobius)

The flux had the solder run all over the place but it is holding. It will become a spare when I get the replacement.

Mort 50 TD (Mobius)

Why? You fixed it! Just put it in and use it for another 50 years!

Brian W.

After sinking 4 new floats in about 500 miles, I found out about the Nitrophyl floats and ordered one up (from xk's unlimited before moss started carrying them). I've now put on many more than 500 miles with no problem. I just don't care to have that problem again and again with the brass floats. The cost is nigh on free when you consider the inconvenience.

Alex Waugh

I think you are wrong and just to prove it I am going to leave it in for another 50 years and I will let you know when it fails.
Mort 50 TD (Mobius)

Mort, I have a well equiped wood working shop and fair experience with wood but virtually none with metal so please excuse a dumb question - did you use a soldering iron or a torch for the repair?


J K Chapin

I have a soldering gun and a few soldering irons. I did not want to overheat the float and lose the rest of the solder joints. That would have been a mess. Same reason I stayed away from a torch.
I selected an old medium size iron that I think I got back in the 60's to build a Heath Kit. Yikes!
I wanted to get in and out fast so I put a dab of solder paste in the area of the holes.
It all worked out ok but as I mentioned I got the paste elsewhere and the solder flowed to it. I did not want to reheat and possibly lose any solder connection.
I have read that others have used a propane torch as plumbers do.
I talked to Joe Curto today and he suggested the plastic float and keep my old one as a spare.
Decisions, decisions....
Mort 50 TD (Mobius)

I got mine (the old iron) when I built my Dynaco pre-amp. So much more fun than an iPod!!

J K Chapin

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