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MG TD TF 1500 - float valves

Are there any alternatives to the carborator float valves sold by Moss. With the engine off my fuel pump clicks at about 2x/second. I rebuilt the carbs and see no leaks in or around the jet. I also rebuilt the pump, replacing the diaphram and lapping down the valve disks. When I replaced the original float valves with the new plastic ones the clicking rate picked up. I already tried the modification to the forks where the tab is bent down to keep the needle from falling out. Any suggestions?
Russ Oakley

Russ, are the carbs overflowing or flooding? Have to figure out if gas is actually leaking into the carbs or not. The pump should basically stop and click only every few seconds unless something is leaking. David DuBois is the SU pump expert- maybe he can wade in on the pump- it could still be the problem. George
George Butz

Grose Jets have traditionally been recognized to be a better design but the quality of late hase been a little suspect. My sister works for a screw manufacture company that doesn't make screws anymore but manufactures carb parts and kits. No they don't make SU kits. Yes I already asked. Usualy for Eldebrock. She did give me several SU type that are made from brass with the little "knob" on the end that were designed for the little wire clip. Will probably work on are carbs but I haven't laid them out side by side for a comparison. Now I do have a comparison as I got them out for a photo. The lower one is a plastic bodied taken from the TF during carb rebuild. The others are the ones I was talking about, I notice that one is much shorter that the others. Might be that way by design or a flaw I'm not sure. Body dimensions match the plastic one.



Russ - The SU fuel pumps will normally tick over once in 5 - 15 seconds after the float bowls have filled and shut off the needle valves. 2 times a second is definitely excessive. If you don't have fuel coming out of the overflow tubes of the carburetors, then I would guess that you have an air leak somewhere on the inlet side of the pump. Take the fuel line off of the rear carburetor and direct it into catch basin of some sorts. Get the line completely to the bottom of the catch basin and then turn on the ignition and see if you are getting a lot of air bubbles in the fuel. Work back from there to find where the air is leaking. It is not uncommon to have a leak around any of the fittings of the pump or around the junction of the pump body and the sandwich plate. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Dave, I think you are right. I can't spot any fuel leaking. I'll check for air. Thanks
Russ Oakley

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