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MG TD TF 1500 - Floorboards - master cylinder access hole

Does anyone know the size of the brake master cylinder access hole on a RHD car? The front section of my original floorboard was missing, so I don't have anything to copy. There is an illustration in the workshop manual (Page M4) where the hole looks to be about 2" in diameter. However, the new cover plate is about 4" across, so unless someone tells me otherwise, I'm going to make the access hole 3" in diameter to provide more room. Matt
Matt Davis

I assume you don't have the recessed metal foot well with the hole in it? For what it's worth that hole is exactly 2" diameter on my LHD with a matching rubber plug. I just went out and measured it. If I were to make my own hole it w/b 3" for a better grab at the MC cap!
efh Haskell

Close guess Ed. 2 and 3/4 inches on my factory RHD floorboards.

Matthew Magilton

Matthew, could you check something on your original floorboards? I am interested in the width of the board on the right hand side in the forward section next to the gear box cover (in the area of the small triangular protrusion that covers the speedo cable). A measurement from the edge of the gearbox cover flange to the other side of the board would surfice. Thank you, Matt
Matt Davis

Matt, it is such an irregular shape that I am not sure I would get the measurement that you are visualising. But here is a pic of a pattern I made of my originals when I took them out a few years back. The measurement from beside the bolt recess (underside)which is marked as a red square, across to beside the cable recess (the triangular cut-out) is twelve and a quarter inches.


Matthew Magilton

Thanks Matthew, thats really helpful. Unfortunatley my exising floorboards were very badly made so I have not been able to use them as a template.

Your template confirms that the master cylinder access hole is 2.75" across. I notice that you have included a diagram of the pedal boot retainer, but have drawn it with the top right hand corner missing. Is this the way you found it on this car? I have just bought a new one of these and it forms a complete rectangle. However, there would be nothing to attach it to in the top right due to the cut out in the floorboard in that area.

Matt Davis

I wonder why LHD cars have the recessed metal footwell - did they reckon you all have larger feet in the US and needed extra space?
John Thomas


Good point about the pedal boot retainer -I think they were supplied complete for LHD cars as well. Most people cut them as per Matthew's pattern, from a vague memory of a TD I had in the 60s, that side had been bent up and hidden under the carpet. Could have been a PO but sounds like the sort of thing a factory operative would have done!

John T, most of the cars went to the States where presumably the feedback requested more foot room. What is it they say about big feet on men-----can't quite remember!


J C Mitchell

Probably the same thing the stewardesses at AA used to say about pilots with big watches when I flew on the 747's, that the size of their watch was inversely proportional to the size of their equipment.

James Neel TD28423

One reason for not having a recessed footwell on the RHS could be the muffler. Who wants hot(ter) feet?

I drew the metal retainer as I found it. Not certain now if the corner was cut off or if it was done that way. Colin S.?

Matthew Magilton

Photo showing the new carpet I fitted with the original rubber mat. I cut the carpets exactly as per originals (which I have kept). Note how the carpet is snug around the fume excluder with the retainer underneath.


Matthew Magilton

Matthew, do you have a photo showing the pedal boot/fume excluder in place, but before the carpet was refitted. I am interested in seeing the relationship of the boot, retaining plate and the transmission cover. If the transmission cover sits on top of the boot and retainer, does this create a gap between the transmission cover flange and the floorboard? Matt
Matt Davis


The attached image may be of help. My car was originally a LHD car converted to RHD. There may be some detail differences in this area with an original RHD built car but I am not aware of any. The black marks on the trim panel came from the underseal on the floorboard. I remember the floorboard was a tight fit to replace with the trim panel installed. The marks cleaned off and it all looks a lot better now.


Dave Williams (TD10254)

Mine is much the same as Dave's. A complete fume excluder would have to be bent slightly over the metal cover.

Matthew Magilton

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