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MG TD TF 1500 - Flooring Insulation

Does anyone have a recommendation for installing insulation under the carpet? My car is a 1954 TF. Ideally I would like to be able to install a thin insulation under the carpet to keep the heat down but if it lowers the road noise all the better. I am assuming that a thin insulation would be the best fit under the carpet.


LD Kanaster

If you look carefully at Dave Braun's site, you will see what he used.
I used the same. Its OK.
If I were to do it again I think I would use the self-adhering rubber I have seen on the car shows.

However that stuff is expensive.

Jim B.
Jim B in NJ

Larry -- I initially used that aluminum air pocket foil stuff under the carpet, but found that it did not do a very good job of keeping the heat out, especially last summer on my trip to Colorado and back. During the winter I ripped out the aluminum stuff and installed fairly thick felt I found at a local upholsterer's shop that he recommended. It has worked much better than the aluminum stuff, and you know how hot it has been in our area this summer.
John Brickell

Sorry, but you folks have me mystified. Is the purpose of the insulation to keep the heat out of the cab or inside it?

If I were to install it, I would want to keep the inside warm when its cold. If its hot, I keep my top down. I don't seem to get any engine heat in the foot-well and don't see the need for insulation.

I just can't see the big deal.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gord Clark

Plywood rattles like a drum head. I used Dynamat (rubber-like mating about 3/16" thick) when I built the hot rod - over 60 pounds of the stuff. Everyone uses it. It is incredibly effective for noise and heat, but it's expensive. When used on the inside of doors and body panels it'll sound like you closed the door on a Bently instead of a VW.

Don't cheap out and buy roof weatherguard or similar. The adhesive won't hold up in high heat and it can creep.


I used Dyanamat in my TD. I am happy I did.
I have some left over so if someone is interested in buying my surplus, please contact me via email. It's heavy so shipping is not cheap.
mg car nut at charter dot net
Jim Merz

Jim, you have email.
efh Haskell

I used a product called QuietRide. Great stuff. Came in a kit ready cut for the car with foilbacked 'underlay' and strips of dynamat for the panels. I was really pleased with the kit and the customer service was great.

I sprayed the under surface of my plywood with over-paintable underseal. Means I get protection, some sound deadening + it is a dry surface rather than soft like a normal underseal.

D Moore

Thanks Ed, I am pleased you could use the Dynamat It is on its way to you.
Jim Merz

When I first got my TD 5 years ago I re-did the floor panels and put in a TD Kit from Quiet Ride. The pieces were nicely pre-cut to fit the car. I don't have the experience without the insulation in my car to say if it is better or not. My reasoning tells me it's better.
As to whether it keeps heat in or out, remember this is an aluminized sound deadening product. It acts as an insulator and reduces the transfer of heat. If you have heat coming in through the firewall this will block some of it. If you have a heater in the cab on a cold day this will tend to keep some of the heat in.
Mort 50 TD

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