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MG TD TF 1500 - Fog Lamp

I was just looking at the MG movie that a few of us bought last year, 'The MG Film Library I'. Spotted something that I thought I'd share. Looks as if all of the TD section was filmed no later than 1950, but late enough for cars to have slotted wheels. Only a few cars are featured, but they all seem to have two things in common - chrome headlights and a single fog lamp mounted in the center of a badge bar.
A look at AKD834, Service Parts List, Page P.2, Optional Extras, shows only a single Fog lamp complete with stem junction box (SFT462), Part No. 27H5190, as available. It would mount on Badge bar assembly, Part No. 139698.
Bud Krueger

I remember growing up in the 1960's and seeing the TD's and other english cars with a single fog lamp, and thinking that it looked odd.

But now, owning one, it makes sense. The electrical system doesn't really have any excess capacity, and in fact runs at a loss (at slower speeds) with all of the lights on.

Not to mention weight and wind resistance...
L Ayres

Apparently the whole slotted/non-slotted wheels debate is a minefield!
Clausager states that all post January 1950 ( Chassis# TD501 on)cars had pierced wheels. However if you look on Chris Couper's web-site, all sorts of chassis numbers are mentioned...
One of the first racing TD's built by Abingdon for amateur racer Dick Jacobs bearing the registration "FMO 885" , had slotted wheels. However in his book "An MG Experience" , Jacobs explains he had the wheels drilled because otherwise the brakes overheated during a race. If you look at period photos of "FMO 885" you can see the perfect round holes in the wheels whereas a standard factory wheel has oval holes.
Maybe some of the TD's in that promotional film had drilled instead of pierced wheels too ???
Personally I think the single Lucas SFT 462 suits the TD well. It was the model also used on the last TC's and occasionally one comes up for sale on e-Bay. Unfortunately with the inevitable high price.I would certainly install one !
Just my $0.02 !

Nick, 52TD/63midget/74MGB
D.G.J. Herwegh

Hi All,

The MG Factory produced TFs with the option of either wire wheels or 'slotted wheels'.Did the TD have this option as well or was the addition of wire wheels to TDs just an individual owner creation?


Rob. Grantham


As I understand the historical books and articles, the TD never rolled out of Abingdon on wire wheels. However, wires were an option on the TF. Many TD owners liked the look of the wire style and MG offered a conversion kit to the dealers to retrofit wires to the TD. Purists pull their hair upon seeing a TD with wires, but they were a dealer installed option.
John Masters

I've always disagreed with the Clausager book and others on the cut-over to slotted rims. In 1975 I bought a RHD '50 TD #1800's? (can't remember exact #, it's written down somewhere in my files) that had non-slotted rims. Many people said that they had been replaced, but if they were all 5 of them were done. At that time nobody in the Washington DC area had ever seen "non-slotted" rims except in early ads.
Ernest Betts

Hi John M,

Thanks for your comment on the TD wire wheel question.
A friend of mine has a wire wheeled TD and I must say it looks fantastic.He often gets into 'discussion'at Concours events regarding the idea of wires as a Factory option!


Rob. Grantham

Back to the thread title, I am absolutely astonished at the cost of a Lucas SFT 462 fog lamp. They are out there, but they must be scarce as hens teeth.

L Karpman

I have an idea that when the slotted wheels were manufactured that prior to forming the center section of the wheel, that the holes were punched out round and when the dish was formed then the holes became elongated. This is only a conjecture. It seems to be easier to make round holes in flat stock than elongated ones in the center portion.
Sandy Sanders

The TD,at least from a mechanical, suspension and chassis standpoint is a modified Y type. That no doubt accounted for the non slotted wheels at the start of the production run.
The SFT 462 fog light seems to be in great demand no doubt because around the world there are many basket case TC now being restored. The early TCs used, I think, a SFT 27 and if you think a 462 commands a high price then you can go into the stratosphere for a 27 and it is not as good or handsome a light. On the other hand if you want to cheat a little go for a SFT 57 or 575 as used on the Y type. About 20% of a 462. Not correct but period and depending on taste looks as good or better. Terry
Terry O'Brien

Which would be correct for a 52 TD, one or two fog lights or would it be what suited the owner?
Jeff McWhirter

Over here the dealers would basically fit whatever you were prepared to pay for. Cars bound for Australia were not fitted with extras by the factory.

Matthew Magilton

Period (British) roadtests, invariably show the cars with one centrally mounted foglight only.
But maybe in some countries it was illegal, driving with three lights even then. So two fog/driving lights might be perfectly okay ! Furthermore it seems the USA market had a whole set of different accessories too which might have been approved by the factory/importers also. I must agree with Matthew: I think dealers were prepared to fit whatever you wanted to pay for !

Nick, 52TD.
D.G.J. Herwegh

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