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MG TD TF 1500 - Fog Light - what side?

As I wait the winter out I like to plan for next summer. I want to put a single yellow fog light on the TF and am not sure where it should go. I like the looks of off-to-one -side but which side drivers or passengers? Does any one have any preferences from actual use?
Godspeed in Safety Fast
John Crawley

Back in the day (before my time), when they used to get the real "pea-soup" fogs in England, I believe it was customary to mount the fog light on the driver's side, angled rather sharply to be able to pick up the curb as they "motored" along at walking speeds.

I've a yellow fog and clear driving light(s) to go on my 'A but so far, haven't given much thought which side(s) to put them on. We don't get much fog and I refuse to drive around like the damn people in their modern cars with the fog lights on even when visibility is 5+ miles! In fact I wish it was like England, where I think to do so (I think) is illegal! Just one of my pet peeves!
Derek Nicholson

Yellow fog light? Hmmmm....where can I get a yellow fog light for the TD? Moss only as clear fog and driving lights....


dave lackey

Front fog light placement for a single light should be on the driver's side. After all the purpose is not only to see, but also to be seen. An oncoming driver in heavy fog needs to know where the driver's side of the car is so they can judge passing clearance for oncoming traffic on a two lane road. If the light is on the passenger side, and they believe it to be on the driver's side, the clearance they allow may not be sufficient to avoid collision. If you have a rear (red) fog lamp too (as in the UK), it also should be on the driver's side. I believe the above is correct, but am open to being informed otherwise :-)
L Karpman


At one time you could buy the Lucas fog lights in a yellow lens, now you usually see them with the clear fluted lens. Every once in a while one does come up on Ebay and better yet there is sometimes just the yellow fog lens without the housing. Keep watching and one is sure to come up.


PS - many years ago I lived next door to a fellow who worked in some type of warehouse in Vancouver and one day he asked if I knew anyone who wanted to buy some lucas SFT576 fog and driving lights still in their boxes as they were taking up room and were obsolete. The cost....$15 ea. I bought all he had and then sold them for $15 each to everyone I knew. Too bad I didn't keep some of them!!!! In that batch there were yellow lens lamps as well.
Brian Smith

Just keep watching ebay for Lucas fog or driving lamps. There was a yellow SFT 576 on there as late as yesterday, but it appears to be gone. I do see them there from time to time.

L Karpman

I like Mr. Karpman's safety point. On the drivers side gives an additional warning to oncoming drivers as to just where you are.
BEC Cunha

Thanks All:
Drivers side pointed towards the ditch it will be!
We hav quite a bit of fog that lays in the ditch during the early and late summer. Lots of dear too so hope this spots them.
Godspeed in Safety Fast
John Crawley

John: Here ya go!

If you want a better chrome piece, buy a new SLR or SFT 576 (repros are cheap) and put the yellow in it. The 576 is correct for the TF

L Karpman

Oops. I meant to direct the ebay ad to Dave Lackey. Sorry.

L Karpman

Shouldn't the glass lens be fluted for a fog lamp? I've got a pair of amber lensed ones tucked away in a box 100miles from here and I remember them as being fluted. On the other hand, I haven't looked in the box for a few years!
Derek Nicholson

Indeed they usually were.

The idea as I understand it was to direct the beam in a horizontal "fan" shape and to make sure the light stayed low and di not reflect back into the driver's eyes.

Incidently when a light set was fitted it was normal for the driving ight to be fitted on the driver's side so it could be aimed along the road centre line.

The fog light was fitted on the other side.

On English cars this would mean the driving light was on the right hand side with the fog on the left as seen from the driver's seat.

Some cars had a 3 position switch to activate either the driving light or the fog light with a centre position being "OFF".

Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas

Here's 2 more.

Peter. I too would think that the the SFT fog lamps should have fluted lenses as the FT stands for "Flat Top" or so I have read. But, like the other I posted, these look like SLR (Long Range) spot lamp units. My question is, why have a yellow spot lamp, when yellow was "usually" associated with fog lamps?

L Karpman

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