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MG TD TF 1500 - Fog Light wiring

Can the fog lights be wired to the dash switch without pulling the dashboard?
Mike I

On a TF the wiring is already there and its just a matter of finding the connector in the headlamp bundle at the front of the car. I assume its similar for a TD. The cable colour is red with yellow.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Mike, check the wiring diagram. The TD is wired the same as the TF, per Dave H. You should be able to locate the female bullet connector around the steering rack housing. Bud
Bud Krueger

I just checked behind my dash. The fog lamp switch has a red/yellow wire coming off it, but the other terminal is empty. My guess is the other terminal should be connected with a red wire from the "T" terminal off the ignition switch for power. I can probably manage to attach a wire to the fog lamp switch working from behind the dash, but making that "T" terminal connection would not be possible. However the "T" terminal presently has a short red wire with a female terminal connected to a multiple red wire bundle (lights). I would like to make up a "Y" cable to pick that up with a male connector on one end and two wires coming off it, one with a female to pickup the light cable bundle and the other with a stripped end to make the power connection to the fog lamp. See my sketch.
To Bud and Dave........There is a headlamp cable running along the bottom of the radiator. It has a few taped spots that are bulky. Is this where I find the red/yellow wire connectors for the fog lights??

Mike I

On a TD the red live cable should run from the panel switch (where it goes into the same terminal as another red cable from the lighting and ignition switch, the other terminal has a red with white cable) to the fog light switch.
On my TF, which I completely rewired with a new loom from Autoelectrics, the red with yellow cable was terminated with a black Lucas push type connector. On an older loom it may just be taped over, but you should find it down behind the rad somewhere. Find the red with yellow cable and trace it to the end.
Dave H
Dave Hill

After the loom crosses over the rack and pinion the fog light wire splits from the right side wing harness and should have spring clips holding it in place to the right side dumb iron

Bill Chasser
W A Chasser

Do you have a pic of that Bill? Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

I believe on a TD that the red wire runs from terminal 7 on the Light/Ignition switch to the panel light switch and on to the Fog Lamp switch.

I believe it is powered when the side lights are powered.

It then becomes red/yellow at the Aux/Fog light switch.

On my RH drive TF the connector is just forward of the front carburetor on the loom running forward. It was an empty connector.

P G Gilvarry

Thanks guys.....I located the loom strapped to the steering under the radiator. There is a bulk section that I will open to try to locate the red/yellow wire connector. Hopefully it's there.
Mike I

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