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MG TD TF 1500 - Foot Cooler

New addition to my never ending search for cool feet.
Mort TD 1851

Tie the wire to the "what" cable??????????????


I just use my heater blower, with the heat shut off...
But, whatever works for you, as long as you don't get your foot into the fan! (LOL).
E.B. Wesson

Sorry Steve I meant the starter cable. Attribute it to stage fright. I'm not used to making videos.
And I just draped it over the cable. Did not tie it on.

Ed, The last time I got my toe caught in a fan it wound up as item # 459-299 in the Moss catalog.

The heater fan works ok but it doesn't really circulate the air down by my feet. More like from the shins on up.

I just needed another toy while waiting for my manifold to come back from the ceramic coater.

Lets see what can I play with next?
Mort TD 1851

Mort, try this. I cobbled it together during in a Home Depot parking lot during a trip home from a GOF in southern Indiana. Cost just a few bucks. The bottom end is held in place with a bungee around the tubular hoop.
Makes my wife have "happy feet"

Colin Stafford TF6688

I've got to send you a "NOS" sticker for that one ...think of it everytime I see it! LOL
David Sheward

David, are you coming to the Michigan GOF? If so, lets get together.
Colin Stafford TF6688

I had one just like yours but replaced it with the one in the photo. It's from a Sears Shop Vac hose kit and a large plastic funnel also from Sears.
I had this on and it was effective as long as we were moving at a decent speed. But I am anxious to try the fan out for constant circulation.
Today I am installing the manifolds with the exhaust manifold and pipe ceramic coated. Then of for a test drive and I'll report the results of that and the fan also.

Mort TD 1851

wedding using wedding cars tunbridge wellsbr>July 28
David Sheward

why not remove the steering column excluder (454-040) permanently and may be enlarge the hole in the firewall. Then you will have a permanent airstream on your feets. Eaven in rain they are water cooled.
Enjoy whatever you do.

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