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MG TD TF 1500 - Foot Throttle Position

Is it normal for the foot throttle to be so low to the floor that my foot touches the roller about an inch above the heel of my shoe? I have to twist my foot and pull it back in an uncomfortable position to push the throttle where any other cars throttles touch the shoe. I wear a size 10 shoe. It just doesn't seem correct to me. It's also about 2 inches past the brake pedal. PJ

Roller touches my size 12 about the middle of the arch (TD). I must drive without shoes to even drive it and with my foot at about a 30 degree angle. A normal rectangular pedal is on my wish list.
efh Haskell

You can bend the pedal arm to the position you and your foot want. Just reach in and bend up the roller closer to where it feels right.

When you are done, be sure the throttle opens fully - you may not now be getting full throttle.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

You can also loosen the throttle arm clamp on the carb and move everything up and down. I would adjust it so that it was on the floor at full throttle with plates wide open. George
George Butz

Paul, George hit it. With the configuration that you stated you'd never full throttle. Something's probably out of position. Bud
Bud Krueger

"full throttle". That's a good one!
efh Haskell

Now, now, Ed. Paul's getting ready. Bud
Bud Krueger

Ha, Thanks guys, actually I will need to bend it up a bit. The throttle linkage is about 5 inches long and like new. I'll disconnect it, block the arm and bend the roller end up a bit, I just didn't want to break it. Whoever designed this portion of the car must have had very small feet! PJ

You don't need (or should) bend anything!

George is talking about moving (rotating) this clamp which will adjust the position of the throttle pedal arm.

Christopher Couper

The average height of a British man in the 1950s was 5ft 7inches and he wore UK size 7 shoes, which I think is about size 8 U.S. Things are very different now. I think this goes a long way towards explaining why we struggle to fit in now!
Dave H
Dave Hill

My occasional experience is that ham-footed drivers continued to force the roller down to the floor (hoping for more speed) long after the throttle arm reached the fully-open position, bending the pedal arm itself. Of course, there are three pieces of linkage, so it could be any one of them.

Tom Lange
t lange

Tom I would think one would fracture the floor board or at least distort it severely before bending the Z bar. I would think that the lever on the throttle shafts is out of position or the intermediate rod is too short My peddle sits a good 6"s off the floor and stops long before that with the butterflies at WOT


Bill Chasser jr
W. A. Chasser Jr

If you set it up so that full throttle is reached just before the pedal arm hits the floor, as suggested, the compliance in the arm lets you push the pedal to the floor in moments of enthusiasm. This also works nicely for heel and toe gear changes.
David Provan

I use the outside ball of my foot at about a 45-60 degree angle. It works quite well and gives me the clearance I need for my size 13 shoes. For heel toe work, I point my toe and use the heel to jab the throttle roller. The position of the roller lands just behind the arch of my foot on the heel of most shoes I wear. Though tight, I find this set up works quite well.

Alex Waugh

DO NOT BEND IT! It will break!
Len Fanelli

I grind about 1/4" off the sides of my 12W sneakers, no kidding. Better for the footwell in my '34 'rod too.

Also, you want the gas peddle to come to rest (idle) at a point that is lower than the brake peddle when fully pressed for obvious reasons.


Ok, Very good, now I have the full picture. Thanks guys you saved the day. Have to make about a 125 mile run in a few days and I was very concerned of how I would hold up being a contortionist with my foot. Seating position, pedal position, steering wheel are all very comfortable and the new redone seats are a joy to set in. Thanks! PJ

I did two things to greatly improve foot/driving comfort in my TD: removed/adjusted/repositioned the pedal extenders to make as much space as possible (they can fit on either side of the pedal, etc.) and the biggest improvement: bought some driving shoes. Lousy to walk in, but no thickness and you can heal/toe easily in them. George
George Butz

Happy! I adjusted the throttle by loosening the shaft arm on the carbs and the pedal raised right up to a comfortable position.
George, I moved the pedals to the left side of the arms and now my shoe doesn't hit the brake pedal. Getting better every day! PJ

Attaway Paul. Good old KISS technique. George hit it right on the nose. Bud
Bud Krueger

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