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MG TD TF 1500 - for my td i am looking for...

Does anyone have a tonneau/top cockpit cover in beige fabric or a parking brake cover they are not using. The td does not have either.
Vincent Piņa

Hi Vince,
I have a tan tonneau cover available. It is for a TF, and the fellow who was fitting it was trying to make it fit to the existing fasteners, and did a poor job. I think there's a slight difference between TD & TF, so it might not help you. He never did finish the installation, so it has some lift-the-dot fasteners in it which probably are not in the proper places for you. It's new, unused other than that problem. I'm away from home this week so can't send any pix or measurements at this time. It's of heavy thickness, soft canvas, bought from Don's Hoods in England. I can make it available for a great savings over a new one.
More details in a week, send me a direct reminder.
Al Parker
54 TF "Emma"
A W Parker

Thanks for the offer. I believe the TD and TF are different.
Vincent Piņa

Thanks Vince. One other has said that the TF cover won't fit the TD. I wasn't sure. When the problem arose, I talked with the fellow at Don's Hoods and he assured me that I did have a TF cover. My installer just wasn't careful, and made holes for fasteners before he was sure what he was doing. I wish he had called me first.
A W Parker

I hear ya, measure once cut twice!

Still looking for a cover if anyone out there has something. Even a half cover to protect the top from taking off when I drive it.

Vincent Piņa

Hey Tom. Any chance theres a tonneau in all those parts you just got that you are not gonna use?
Vincent Piņa

Pretty sure a TF tub is slightly wider than the TD.
Think I remember reading that somewhere.
David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

Sorry, Vince, my new one is a TC

Tom Lange
t lange

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