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MG TD TF 1500 - FOR SALE>>> My 1954 MG TF1500


1954 MG TF1500

One of only 3400 produced.

Chassis number; HDC46/6985
Engine number; XPEG849
Built on 10 Sept 1954
Left hand drive.
Original US license plate; GDA311
Autumn red and beige interior.
Black carpets,Tan tonneau.

When discovered in a collectors barn, this solid and straight 1954 MG TF1500 was begging to be restored to its former glory!
The owner was retiring to Ireland and selling off his collection of about 35 classic!!

Shipped out to the USA,






I have yet to do a full photoshoot of the completed car,so some things in the above pics may not look finished.
Photoshoot will be done asap this week!!
Weather permitting!
Road trials have gone VERY well with only 2 minor problems cropping up,both now fixed.
Ive just got to finish fitting the tonneau when the supplier sends me another pack of lift the dots!

Nuther piccy!!


As delivered.


In the barn!
Please note reg in listing should be GDM 311




For those of you who know of and may be attending the Beaulieu Spring Autojumble on 18/19th May,the car will hopefully be on display in the cars for sale Motormart arena.
Come over and say hi,even if you dont want to buy it!
The price has also been cut to a

BARGAIN >>> £20995 <<<

For anyone who may have missed my post,
This car won an award at its 1st event!
Last weekend the 28th April at a well attended local event called WHEELNUTS.


Pilkie You have done a wonderful job! If I was younger I would be very tempted to try and buy that car. I have an XPEG engine, but unfortunately am passed the age of aquiring any more cars.

I have the parts to make a tuned XEPAG to go in my TD. Should be fun to put together my last engine. With the help of a local engine builder. To be sure it doesn't come unglude.

This may be my last chance to do some hotrodding. I have done some hotrod mods to about three engines in "T" series and have not regreted a single one.
Bob Jeffers

Hi Bob.
You are never past the age of acquiring more cars if you are still capable of working on them!
This would be a wonderfull opportunity for anyone with an XPEG engine to add to its value,as all the hard graft has been done!
As stated I am more than happy to deliver it to a UK port for shipping!

Am going to reduce the bargain price of;
And thats it!
If it doesnt sell at that I will keep it.



Whilst £19,995 may be an attractive proce for the UK market, it translates into about $31,000 US. Add to that $2,500 to ship, plus another $500 for brokerage, dock charges, etc; that comes to about $34,000 US bucks.

For that kind of money, one, if lucky, might find a museum car. An absolute grade 1 TF1500driver will fetch abt. $24,000 here (£15,000)

Undoubtedly £19,995 is a fair asking price for you, and without a doubt, the car looks lovey, even with its BMC engine. I would think that your best bet would be to turn to the European market. Advertise it in, and

I have never figured out why the disparity between North American and UK prices for the same cars, but that's the way it is.

You've done a gorgeous job on this TF. Good luck

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon Clark

I know the markets £-$ etc differ and that doesnt help!
It is advertised so anyone in the world should be able to see it!
There have been LHD cars over here that have sold for about £13000 and they need a full repaint,retrim,rechrome,and possibly more!
Its a deflated economy thats the reason nobody has the spare cash to spend on a new toy.


Could you possibly post a pic of the dashboard and steering wheel?

It/they appears to be different but attractive.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qu
Gordon Clark

There were some dash pics on another thread...don't remember what one.
Nice job of using the "B" gauges as I recall.
David Sheward

Yep,here you are.
MG Midget 1974 speedo and rev,with a 3 in 1 amps,oil,temp from a Hillman super minx.
Cut a wood dash from some thick veneer,and have now fitted the original trim surround and replicated the layout for dials, knobs, lights.
15" motolita flat 60's 4 hole steering wheel totally refurbished and fitted to the correct boss,and used an old horn push center to screwfit the big enamel MG badge.


Another dash pic!


Its on Ebay and with a starting bid price of £12500.
Open to sensible offers!!!
If the link doesnt work,
Its item no; 230977206995




For those of you who know of and may be attending the Beaulieu Spring Autojumble on 18/19th May!
The car will be on display in the cars for sale Motormart arena.
Weather permitting,and if it hasnt been sold of course!!
Come over and say hi,even if you dont want to buy it!


Hi all.

MG TF1500 now sold,and deposit received.

Pending bank transfer of balance to complete the sale on monday,collection will happen next weekend.!

Its going to remain a UK registered car but will live most of the time at his holiday villa in the Dordogne,about 100km from Bordeaux!

Now what to do next??


Congratulations regarding your sale. The "Frenchman" is now the happy owner of a beautiful automobile you brought back to life.

Thank you for doing so.



Jerry Chandler 1951 TD

Well done Pilkie !!!
Did you work some vacation/Holiday time at the Villa into the deal ????


Thank you Jerry!
He is a british businessman with a holiday villa.

I wish I had thought of that at the time,a couple of weeks touring in the TR6 would of been nice!

Inspiration! Can I now {truthfully} tell my wife "Pilkie built and sold one for a profit" and somehow talk her into a new project?
efh Haskell

Yes you can!
Without disclosing £££££'s figures,I sold it for 25% more than it cost me to buy and restore!
It took me 1yr while holding down a fulltime tiring job,and some months I did nothing to it!

Congrats to the sale, though I'm sure you also miss it a bit...
Mike Fritsch

Hi all.

This will be the last instalment of my MG's year long story.
This morning at 10:00 the new owner collected it,and is currently driving it to his home in London,en route to its eventual new home as a holiday car on his farm in the Dordogne,France.

Also a big thank you to all those who helped with advice on any questions I asked!

Cheers Dave


I will have a few left over original TF parts for sale in the next week or so.
Gearbox,dash and dials,wheels,odds and ends!
Email me if interested.

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