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MG TD TF 1500 - For TF owners only

Fellow says he has three pair of these. I ordered one set. May or may not be to your liking and as to whether they do a decent job of rock protection I guess we have to have some input from our Aussie friends. I have been looking for some for three years so if you think you want a set I suggest you act now. BTW I bought them for less than the price posted but still pretty pricey.

I saw a set of these on a TF at an Atlanta MG meet.That was sometime around 1980 at LAKE LANIER. This TF and owner had emigrated to Australia and while he converted it to RHD. Some years later he returned with it to USA and then he spent three years on a total restoration. His comment was I spent three years to remake it and now am scared to drive it. It was a beautiful black TF.
Sandy Sanders
Sandy Sanders

Hey, OZ,
Donít they look like something leftover from Ned Kelly?
David werblow

These were supplied by Monaro Motors, Melbourne mg specialists back when TF's were new at a cost of 4 Pounds, 15 shillings (quite pricey back then too).
In the 1950's a lot of our roads were still gravel and competitive road trials were very popular amongst the MG crowd, consequently the rear guards would get a real peppering from the flying gravel which is the problem these were designed to solve. They do look quite attractive when well fitted and polished, but consider the effect of trapped grit and moisture underneath.

Matthew Magilton

I just finished a 3 year TF restoration, n
and plan to put invisible mask on front fender bottoms and the rear that the guards here cover. If is is good enough for new Aston Martins, it is good enough for my MG!

"invisible mask" ? Got a part # / brand in mind you are going to use?

One other thing I'll throw out here,(just in case you did not notice). The strips on the running boards have a "channel" that runs under them and traps water in them, (one of the things I had to fix on Izzy years ago when she went down to bare metal). I drilled a couple of weep holes in mine so they drain now.
Just a thought.
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

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