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MG TD TF 1500 - For the originality police

I made an attempt to start the TF I brought to my place to work on and as it wasn't showing any oil pressure while cranking I got out of the car and discovered that the oil flex line had ruptured. As the replacement lines sold today are all braided hoses, I'm wondering if perhaps this was an original line. The lettering spells out Super Flex and below that Patented. Strict originality isn't in my game but I'm wondering if those that are have gone to the trouble to try and recreate this part as shown...if this is in fact an original piece.

L E D LaVerne

Another shot

L E D LaVerne

Obviously old and looks correct , pretty sure the metal coil wrap is correct. The recreations I have seen are pretty sloppy with what looks like hand wound wire over them. George
George Butz

Looks just like the line on my TD LaVerne. Next time I visit the garage I'll see if I can find it. I know I bought a replacement some time ago & I don't like to throw anything away. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

Well there was a hose that looked like that in the boxes of bits that came with my partially assembled TF. I assumed it was the original fuel line that connected between the carbies, WRONG ASSUMPTION.
G Evans

LaVerne -

Your oil line doesn't look like the oil line on TF9052 (the Holy Grail for originality police.) Note "tracer" in the braid. Although photo #150 of TF9052 appears to have a wire coil at the fitting, I believe that it is just a reflection of the braiding.

Here are links to TF9052 oil line photos:

The oil line that I removed from my TF7211 looks like the line on TF9052. The "tracer" is blue. Don't know if the braid is black or if it is just tarnished and dirty. Mine does not have the coiled wire covering.


Oil line TF7211 plus close up of blue tracer:

LM Cook

I looked at the site before I posted here Lonnie. There is a disclaimer about the hoses having been replaced on the cars which is why I posted this.
L E D LaVerne

Well LaVerne, you've caused me to loose another perfectly good Saturday looking for obscure details about our cars.

Chris Couper used the phrase "some of the flexible fuel and oil lines, battery, fan belts, spark plug wires, and radiator hoses were replaced" in the overview for a number of the cars in the galleries on his TF site. So, I don't know what was actually replaced. Perhaps he or Frank Cronin can give some insight.

Photos of Chris' TD on his TD site appear to show an oil line with coiled wire overlay like yours. See photos #132 and #133 plus others.

LM Cook

My TF had exactly the same oil line as pictured by LaVerne. I removed it a few years ago to avoid a potentially fatal rupture. I believed it was original.
I believe I still have it in my parts box if anyone is interested in having an "original line" that my still be functional.

'54 TF
T Norby

The oil line on my TF has not been replaced in the 40 years that I have had it- I thought it might be the original line.

J K Barter

Here's a picture of what was on my car from when I bought it in 1957 until I recently rebuilt it. I'm quite sure it's original. The tip says"SUPERFLEXIT" on one line and "PATENTED" below it.

Joe Olson

... and here's a not-so-great picture of the tip, but you can see some of the writing.

Joe Olson

Doug Pelton (always highly recommended) sells the original-style wire-wrapped lines, including the ultra-original one labelled, "for show only due to age"!

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

My car. Also with the Simmonds nut.


M Magilton

On TFs,oil flex lines wire wrapped,brass ferrules and brass nuts were
originally and generally used. I don't remember any colour trace. Of course,there may have been different suppliers ex Factory on occasions.

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

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