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MG TD TF 1500 - For those of you thinking about going to Reno

Might find this interesting. Found by Dan "Dangerfield" Craig. Coming right through my town.
LaVerne Downey

Thats Cool Laverne. If I am able to, that would be a great way to go. Think of the traffic jams we could create with a couple of miles of MG's
Bruce Cunha

That would be Hwy. 50 - the same one that goes through Gunnison, 30 miles from me? Boy, I don't know LaVerne. Mid summer driving through the desert in these things??!! I know, it's been done before - but. Wonder what kind of support vehicles are involved? Is Moss providing a truck full of fuel pumps?
efh Haskell

I think the heat will be a problem in some areas. September or October would be a little more forgiving. We went on a 600 mile convoy a few years back in fairly modern vehicles and had some break downs, I can't imagine how many there will be in these old cars going coast to coast. Would love to do it, but there's no way we could take a month off for the trip. PJ
P S Jennings

The heat in CO can't be much worse that it was in Gatlinburg.

Starting in the southern part of NC, the temp rose to 90° and moved higher as we got into the Smokies with opressive humidity. 4 or 5 days of daytime temps in the 95° range.

I removed my fan years ago and have run an electric fan and Water Wetter, and had absolutely no problems.

Gord Clark TF4592
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A Clark

I guess that someone in Maryland doesn't realize the where US 50 crosses Nevada it is known as the the lonliest road in America. Just thought I would mention it.

Due to living in Colorado I have made over 20 desert crosings in TC's and Td's to attend GoF West, including US 50. It is no picnic but it is always interesting, especially after a 300 mile drive in 110 degree heat.

Like Laverne says just make sure your radiator is up to the task.

Mike Francks


I think the people from Utah will also be going via hwy 50 as we will have several T types going along. What is the date for the event?

John Progess

It has been 104, 105, 102 (109 in town) here all week Gordon. It can be brutal in the desert this time of year. Early June should be a little better but you never know.

I can say that the route west of me is I-70 (replaced 6 & 50) and no services for 100 miles. After that another no services for 100 miles. Be a lot of long steep (7 percent grades) hill climbing so yes you better have your T in good shape if your doing the drive.

Only info out at this time John is this.

LaVerne Downey

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