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MG TD TF 1500 - For your entertainment

dream on!

Gordon A. Clark

Can someone translate? Where and why?
Jeff McWhirter

Come on Gord! Don't tease!

The Spanish caption reads:-

"A warehouse with 180 cars in the interior in Portugal, 15 years with the doors welded shut so that nobody could enter. The incredible one!".

No T-Types that I can see. 2 MkI midgets and a Z Magnette.

Derek Nicholson

Oh My. Barrett-Jackson, eat your heart out. Can you imagine what that is worth?

Is that a Red MGB?
BEC Cunha


If you want a web page translated, go to Google. Click on "more" then "even more" Then go to "translate" When the translation page comes up, go down to the bottom to "translate a web page" paste in the URL, and then select the language to translate from - to. Then click the "translate" button and when the web page comes up it will be translated to the best of an automated translator's ability. Not always acurate, but enough to give you the jist of things.


L Karpman

Hi All,

What! No TFs. Darn! LOL


Rob. Grantham

I tried your suggestion, but it kept saying the translation should read: a father (Naturally) saying to his son (of course) “Why the heck didn’t you put the car covers on like I told you. Now the pigeons have pooped all over the cars and you are going to clean them?” John

Thanks ,
I'll have some fun with this!
Couple years ago my wife and I were both laid up with back injuries and had a "detail man" come over to wash the kids. He made us a "garage full fleet discount". With the bad weather he has been looking for some work!
David Sheward

pics didn't work for me. only got little box with red X
G.J. Cenzer

Looks like the photos were taken down...?
gblawson - TD#27667

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