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MG TD TF 1500 - Forum Photos

Have updated the forum photos page... all you new posters, send me your photo (you and the car) and I will add them to the group....

Hi Gordon,

On behalf of all interested BBS TD/TF persons,
a big thankyou for your effort on the Photo gallery of owners.Great to be able to continually put a name to a face.

All the best for 2010.

Cheers for now.
Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

Gordon ,
Next tyme you update please work some of your photoshop magic on mine ....I still look like an old fart!
David Sheward

But David... I worked for hours making you look younger...I mean, Photoshop can only do so much..... HAPPY NEW YEAR my friend...!!!!


I've attached a 2 year old photo. If you can't download it from here let me know. The car is a mess as we speak but please feel free to use this photo till the paint job is done.

efh Ed

Just add your details... you can email them if you like... Name/city/state/

Gordon, I notice a lot of names in there twice with photos. Some old some new. Are these two and three car owners or cars of a previous time?
TRM Maine

Cool.. got that "Buddy Holly" thing going ...but a coke? .....Not whilst there's beer in the fridge!
I'm outta here till next year, (gota go work to pay for the garage)...
Have a feeling air travel is not going to be fun tomorrow...hope I don't have to sit next to some idiot trying to blow his croch off!
So what happens to those "72" virgins when THAT happens? LMFAO.
Happpy New year everybody.
David Sheward

I just keep adding them... some are the same car just finished...which I think is really neat...!!! (look at Dave's)

Thanks Gord - my wife says that this is the best picture of the two of us together in many years. You certainly picked the right one. She's proud of the Santa hat, I'm proud of the car - it all works out.

Dave Jorgensen

you have email
efh Ed

Ed, you need to get a shot of your buddy and his TD also.

Gordon, enclosed is a photo of me with my 1953 MG TD now in its final stages of restoration. Winding up the wiring and ready to start on the interior

Bill Brown
Ludlow Falls, Ohio

Bill Brown

Looking good Bill

Nice looking 67 Camaro Bill. My first car was a 67 RS Camaro with hide-away headlights, deluxe interior, PS,PB,AC, console with gauges, 327-275 hp.
Richard Taylor

Your good Richard, it is a 67 327-275hp standard non SS or RS deluxe interior. I've added PS last year. What is your MG of choice?
Bill Brown

Bill, my first MG was a 77 midget. It was probably the most fun to drive car I have had but also the most Much of the cars problems I now believe were due to DA's working on it for example I had a weird vibration I couldnt find and took it to a garage that thought it might be the manifold so they took a large crow bar and prompty broke it clean off the engine. I finally found it to be no more than a bad motor mount after I had a new manifold installed.
Now several years later I am restoring a 51 TD that I purchased on a whim but ever since I can remember I have wanted a T-series MG.

Richard Taylor

Hi Gordon,

here the picture from my TD 25681 for the Gallery. He is after 30 jears back on the road.

Regards from the cold Germany

Georg Becker

thanks georg......
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Nomanations for :
Best Project: Bruce Cunha
Best Action Shot : Matthew Magilton
1st Class Act: David DuBois
Best Helper: Steve Wincze
Just Too Damned Cute: Michael Grogan and grand son David
Fattest T Owner: David Sheward
(That's me standing to the left of the car with a beer...have no idea who that guy is "in" the car)
Merry Christmas to all.
David Sheward

All those T cars and I only see three in Clipper Blue!
Brian Warmuth

...thanks all for the updates....have one more to time !
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

I have now gotten through all of the photos and my first thoughts were, wow, what a great group of folks and their 'T' cars. It is really nice to have photos of the members and their cars so that I can now have a visual reference to the names that have become so familiar to me.

Now a few observation regarding the photos themselves: To the Tim-Lucy-Mayor & family of Manitoba, CA, was that float plane actually flying over you, as the spinning prop seems to suggest?, if so, great planning to get such a terrific shot; to Bruce Cunha, you may have taken the prize for the most ambitious project that at least I have ever seen....are you serious?! (no insult intended, only admiration if so);

To Bud Kruger, it's great to see the three photos, especially the one of you with your first TD, wish there were more of those 'firsts'; the several that were shown as, "in progress" definitely gave me hope, given where I am in the process now going on 2 1/2 years (okay, I know that that's not long for these projects, just seems somewhat long to me).

To Seve Wincze of Canton CT, an award winning photo; to all of the ones of families, and those, even if fewer, of the younger generation, so glad there will be those to carry on with these great cars; I enjoyed see the variety of colors of these cars.

Okay, I've certainly used up enough space here, so will end by saying a very big thank you to Gordon Lawson for doing this.

Cheers -- John
John Brickell

...and your welcome for the 'prop spinning' as well......couldn't resist!
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

I was just curious how many right hand drives...mine is the first (#9)...hard to tell for sure on some, but I counted 17 out of 165...also...#152 says the 2nd to last TD we know where the last TD is?
Bob Doc
Bob Dougherty

Just have data on the 2nd and 3rd last.....29913/14 ... and the earliest is 253 which was 'crushed' in 1968 in Vancouver, BC
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Hi Gordon,

The T register has 29915 listed, a uk car in woodlands green. see link®=td

Cheers Chris
Chris Pick

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