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MG TD TF 1500 - Freddy the 'B' TF

Hi All:
Just thought that I would share one of my projects. "Freddy" is my B powered TF and I have been doing his dash this winter. Freddy came to live with us after he had received his heart transplant so please do not blame me for him having to live with a "B" power-train.

Although Freddy is not young (he just had his 59th birthday on March 2nd) he has not traveled very far. His speedo stopped at 53,000 dry miles and he spent from the late '60's hiding in a shed. Back-in-the-day while Freddy's engine was in a machine shop his young owner met with an unfortunate end and the original power-train was lost. 30 years passed before Freddy was adopted by his sister who had her husband install the "B" transplant.

Freddy came to live with us 8 years ago and was not in very good mechanical shape. I felt he was too far from original to economically be restored so continued with the "B" theme. Freddy now has duel master cylinder disk brakes, wires, 1800 cc go-motivation, B tranny c/w overdrive, B diff and will soon have B instruments.

Freddy shares shop space with our original (but restored) 45,000 mile TF and several other LBCs. Here are some Pix of Freddy - note the huge tires and funny bumpers he was sporting when he arrived.

Godspeed in Safety Fast

John Crawley

And Pix 2 of the before dash

John Crawley

Pix 3 of the after dash. The early "B" speedo and tack fit nicely behind the octagonal bezels. I had to make a temp gauge and amp gauge is yet to be installed. New upholstery and carpet is next.
I have have driven Freddy for a bit and he is not blistering fast like my Tiger but is an amazingly smooth car. Surprisingly the character is still all MG and he feels as if he should have come equipped like this from the factory. As a friend of mine said: "What a delightful little auto."

Godspeed In Safety Fast

John Crawley


Have you posted any images of the full conversion process?

G Evans

With that 1800 he's blistering fast compared to a stock 1250. Nice job on keeping the flavor with the dash.
L E D LaVerne

Great work John. What is the front bumper?

M Magilton


Very nice dash modifications. I like the looks.

Do you have any pics of the B-Series installation in your TF?

R.S. Ralph Siebenhaar

I have no idea what the bumpers are... perhaps somebody will recognize them?

I must admit that I was negligent in documenting most of my work with photos since I really do not wish to encourage anyone to bastardize a T-series. If any one needs any help however I would be glad to answer any questions.

I did take pix of modifying the MGB spring mounts to the TF width since I have seen several that were poorly done and thought that some pictures might help others. I also have done instructions on how to upholster TF seats using the Moss kit and how to install a duel master cylinder system.

Godspeed in Safety Fast

PS: Pix of my other cars for interest - the TF is the original one.

John Crawley

John I would like to see the pictures of your modification of the "B" axle to fit a TF.

Email to above address.
Bob Jeffers

On the way . . .
John Crawley

John Got the second email to print OK. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your work.
Bob Jeffers

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