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MG TD TF 1500 - Free Key

I have key FS892 (not original key or ignition)that came with Little-T at purchase. My ignition has since been rebuilt and no longer uses this key, so free to the fist one that wants it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor TD3983


If you still are in possession at this point in time, I would love the key!

Jerry Chandler
231 Windover Grove Drive
Memphis, Tennessee 38111

jdchandlerassocs at aol dot com

MERRY CHRISTMAS, either way!
Jerry Chandler

Jerry, your the first to respond, send me your address and I will send it to you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Richard Taylor TD3983

Should give you an idea why I have always said it's a good idea to wire a hidden cut-off switch to the fuel pump on these cars!
I managed a Honda shop back in the 70's ...there were only about 20 different keys. They would start any 1970/71 Honda MC ever made!
We had buckets of spares....when somebody needed an extra key...didn't take long to find one.
David Sheward

The TD/TF are easy enough to start, but 99% of the people today are not able to release the handbrake and drive it off! Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Could that be called BRAKING NEWS ?

lol Jerry, guess I didn't read all your post as it included the address, (I'm bad for that) will send the key your way asap.

David, somebody needs to make a video of people trying to start a TD that has never driven one. I bet they would twist and twist the key before deciding that wasn't going to engage the starter; and the emergency brake would be a comedy in itself.

Talking about only 20 keys, burglers in the area use to go around neighborhoods with a garage door opener and figure out which ones they could open. I believe garage door openers now are setup to rotate the frequency.

Merry Christmas


Richard Taylor TD3983


Thanks! I appreciate my Christmas gift. I hope to return a favor your way someday!

Jerry Chandler

"...and the emergency brake would be a comedy in itself."

I had a TD when I was in high school (see picture in the vintage photo thread) that was given to me to drive by my parents, with the caveat that I was not to let any of my buddies drive it. How to accomplish that without pissing them off, so I just told them they could drive it if they could release the hand brake - none of them ever drove it :-) Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Surprised nobody has ever researched how many keys were made for our cars?
Years ago I purchased a spare from feebay when I noticed the numbers were the same as mine.
Have thought a couple times about swapping the "C" & "S" buttons on the TF, (just the buttons...not the function)just to ad to the confusion.
Doest matter much...if they don't know where the fuel pump swith is they won't get far!
At age 3 I managed to unlock the brake ....40 years later when I bought the TF I had forgot how.
David Sheward

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