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MG TD TF 1500 - Free Late TD LHD Wiring Loom

I am giving away my old wiring loom to the first person who posts here they need it for their car. Don't ask for it unless you need it to repair your own vehicle.

The harness if for a LHD 1953 TD (turn signals) but I used in my late 52 with floor dimmer switch. I made a slight alteration to the loom by moving the flasher under the dash so it would not be noticed in a 52.

The loom is vinyl wires. I can only see one small spot where a wire rubbed and it will need some electrical tape or other insulation.

It has a black woven cover with a red tracer which is in pretty good shape except for two places:

1. On the right hand headlamp wires the cover got torn up in one place when I had to remove it (where it wyes).

2. The rear harness is faded and could use a coat of black upholstery spray paint to restore its look.

The person who wants it must be willing to pay actual shipment from California.

Chris Couper

God bless you for your offer. I don't need one as I put a new set in when I first acquired this darling 8 years ago.
John Redman

Very nice gesture Chris! I'm sure someone out there will need it. PJ
Paul sr


I would like to raise my hand- my 52 harness is pretty rotten and makes me unconfortable every time I look under the dash...
Could you check postage to Germany to see if it is sensible and let me know ?
I would have to pay via Paypal, it's the only affordable way to get money across the pond

Thanks a lot for the offer already :-)

Mike Fritsch

Mike. I need a city for a quote.

Just be sure the loom is for a NA LHD model. If thats what you have then it should work OK.

You don't have to use the turn signal stuff but its an easy mod. I just used a simple SPDT switch and the factory relay box and a cheap flasher.
Chris Couper

Nice gesture Chris.

When I removed my harness during restoration, it came out in chunks. Then I lost it for a long time, thinking when I ordered my new one from British Wiring that I would like to do some cursory comparisons. One day, while playing with fuel line photos I spotted it hanging on my wall in a bag labled "MG TD Harness"

Of course it was not fit to share, and when the new harness went in, it went to the dumpster.


Dave Braun

Chris, city is kelkheim 65779.
My td is exlna, so perfect fit. And i have a simple under dash indicator as well..

Rgds Mike
Mike Fritsch

Mike: UPS looks to be about $150 US. Not cheap. Takes about 1 week.

I also have a brand new dash harness I can toss in for $25 ($40 retail).

If you are still interested email me. If not post that you will pass and the next person can step in.
Chris Couper

Chris, thanks for the effort, but in that case I think I´ll pass - that´s probably half of the price for a new one and I may be hit by customs who charge based on item+freight which would then add at least another 50..
Shame, I hope there´s someone closer who can benefit of the offer.

Safety fast
Mike Fritsch

Hi Chris

I would like to take up your kind offer. I recently purchased a 52 TD and one of the list items is wiring. Having tied up a few loose ends with electrical tape I know that is not how I want it. I would be very interested in the dash harness too. Although mine does not have turn signals and has a dash mounted dip switch, I don't see any fitment issues.

I am based in NJ, zip code 08831.


M Vickery

Ok Martin. Looks like $20 (sorry Mike) + $25 for the dash harness. If acceptable let me know address via email and I will package it up and send a paypal invoice.
Chris Couper

Hi Chris. Email sent.

M Vickery

Makes a lot more sense that way ! Value stays with the receiver and not with USPS.
Martin, happy wiring ! I´m sure you´ll have a lot of fun with that...
I was expecting to have to close the garage door while re-wiring so that the family does not get bothered by the bad language ;-)
Mike Fritsch

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