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MG parts spares and accessories are available for MG T Series (TA, MG TB, MG TC, MG TD, MG TF), Magnette, MGA, Twin cam, MGB, MGBGT, MGC, MGC GT, MG Midget, Sprite and other MG models from British car spares company LBCarCo.

MG TD TF 1500 - Free leftovers

Gordon L has been kind enough to post some photos of leftovers from my TF resto. They are free for the cost of packing (by UPS) and shipping (also UPS).Cleaned out the shop and this stuff is just gathering dust. contact me at the email address above for more photos or info. No resellers please unless you wish to pay. Freight cost from western Colorado
zip 81501

Photos at

Crankshaft is 020 under mains and rods, journals look good with no nicks..... evidence of small crack begining on #1 main.
Camshaft has minor pitting on lobes, no scoring, no markings from manufacture
Timing wheels and chain, used
Tappets, all show signs of pitting and side wall scoring
Push rods, all used and look ok
Head bolts, all used
brake cylinders, all frozen except on that was boiled in water to free up. Compressed air or the grease gun trick will not work. Most likely would need to be sleeved to be useable, have new seal kit for rears with used gaitors
master cylinder, moves but did not disassemble for inspection
oil pump gears and shaft, used servicable?
side curtains off TF, plastic clear trim strips bent and scratched, useable but poor looking
gas tank ends, one set for TF one for TD, metal on both looks ok but chrome is fair at best
Green piping from Moss, open but not used, didn't like the color
Front turn signals, Lucas non red dots, chrome in fair condition, lenses good, no internals as I used them on the replacements as they new were crap
Timing chain tensioner, used
Wheels, have assorted dings to edges of the rims, some better than others, all hub cap studs are there
shock links, used
tail light plinths, No dings or scratch's but crome is gone just nickel finish
bonnet (hood) buttons and bases, scatched but usable
Not shown in photos

Steel wheel Brake drums with lug nuts, Look ok and don't appear to have been "over turned" but have not been miched three extra lug nuts for your spare
also have full set of used brake shoes that don't appear to have much wear
also full set of brake lines, will need flushed out but could be used
front and rear bumper with brackets, no over riders, bumpers are crap, brakets could be used
Seat foams for the TF, one unopened, one damaged edge as I tried to use it for the Back and latter decided to go another route
Original type leaf springs, need rebuilt, Have new rubber parts but missing two spring pads I cut up for something else
Smooth case Sprite tranny ( out of a 62) condition unknown with drive shaft.
1098 Sprite Engine with head, clutch, ditributor and exhuast maifold condition unknown 5 Sprite wheels, mix of slotted and solid
62 Sprite rear end and shocks ( most likely shot)
62 Sprite front end with steering rack and shocks( most likely shot)
69 B transmission non over drive with drive shaft



Sorry here is the address.

Hi Led,

It's a pity that many of the persons that advertise on eBay don't have your total honesty and integrity in their description of parts!!


So far requests for,

one wheel
one front brake drum
one rear brake drum
brake shoes
both front parking lamps
both rear tail light plinths
maybe the hood buttons and seats

First come first served.


Camshaft is now spoken for.

The last two brake drums and the master cylinder are now spoken for.

correction on the crankshaft.
crack is showing on the #1 rod journal.

I could use the piping on my boat ...but if someone else wants for a "T Car" ..I would step-aside with that request.
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

David, at this point your the first to ask. E-mail me your address and will check shipping prices tomorrow for all those that have requested parts so far.


I would like to lay claim to the "trim strips" for the side curtains as well.
A Couple of mine are pretty bad shape!
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

Hello Led
Don't need the parts, just wanted to say thanks for offering them up after your restoration so others may make use of them.
H.L. Kelley

Your description of the TF seats foam said that you went another route. Can you please share what you did that was better than using new replacement foam?

Godspeed in Safety Fast
John Crawley

John, I bought the foams thinking that I was getting them for the seat backs. They were for the bottoms. Same as the ones that came on the new wood seat bottoms I had already bought from Moss except yellow in color instead of blue. Tried to use one on the seat back and set it to the frame with some contact cement and discovered that the shape wouldn't work and it was to thick. So I pulled it off the seat frame ( hence the damage) and bought some thinner foam from a fabric store along with some fiber batting. I carved the foam with an electric carving knife ( don't tell my wife). and it turned out pretty well. I just couldn't see putting the nasty horsey hair back under the new leather. I thick both would still work very well for a TF bottom seat cushion.


Parts Update

Here is what hasn't been requested yet.


Ring gear ( I didn't list or show a picture but its here. Not all that bad on the used side but good square teeth on the other side you could mount towards the starter.

4 wheels that I'm hoping somebody wants because they are at the tire shop and are costing me $15.00 each to dismount and dispose of the tires

brake cylinders ( I don't blame ya here)

seat foams

TF bonnet buttons and housings



I understand the ring gear has a chamfered side to clear the radius on the inner corner of the mounting surface of the flywheel, making them difficult to reverse. It is better, folks say, to simply rotate it 90 degrees so it comes to rest on a different tooth if there are problems. Although, for an $80 repro part, I would probably just go the replacement route rather than put a worn piece in.

Sounds like your other offerings are going real well. Very generous and nice of you to help others out.

Dave Braun

Just came back from the UPS Store and I'm a little shocked at the prices for packing and shipping.
To save me from multiple e-mails tonight check for your order here. No money in advance please. I will give you exact cost when it's shipped. If anyone wants to back out because of the shipping cost I understand. For those of you that wish to continue just drop me a note.

Gordon Clark $ 37.71

David Sheward $ 19.04

Kurt Byrnes $ 99.51

George Butz III $ 81.00 plus $ 6.50 for tire removal (they gave me a break)

David DuBois $ 15.00

Larry Shoer $ 19.00

Bud Precht $ 15.33

Keep in mind fellows that this is used stuff and if you don't expect much you won't be disapointed.

There are a couple of other requests that I didn't get into the truck but I'll try and get them soon for you. Those of you that asked for parts that don't have a photo of you and you "T" (regardless of condition) posted with Gordon Lawson won't get your parts until Gordon gets his photo.

Still have 4 wheels
3 lug nuts
ring gear
seat foams
brake cylinders

Lets get this stuff outa my shop.


Sorry, The Sprite stuff is all still available.

The running boards are still there also.


How do I contact LaVerne?

RG Taylor

LED - You didn't list the shock links in either the "already requested" or the "still have them" - I could used them if they haven't been spoken for. This was one piece missing from the 4 large tubs of parts for my car.

Thanks - Don
don scott

Don, e-mail me. Something else I forgot to mention. The rubber is there but not to great of shape.

Crank may now be gone.

Those who owe me photos... sent them to my email address to the left.... That was really kind of you LED.... glad I could help!
gblawson - TD#27667

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