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MG TD TF 1500 - freeze plugs leak liquid

Rebuilt mgtf engine (first time for me). All three freeze plugs ooze clear liquid. Should I worry or yank out the engine and (do what?).
Ed Eastman

When I had my TF re-built, we discovered the plugs ordered from "trusted source"for it were wrong size!
The large brass one (under the exhaust manifold) blew out (at speed) & melted down # 2&3 pistons. This happened with no warnning on temp "popped" and was shut down right away ...but it was too late. My mechanic found correct size from a local Nappa store and all seems to be fine now. (Although I have have only clocked about 500 miles since!)
David TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

Hi Ed,

Have you checked if the core plugs are Metric? On many motors,the original core plugs are often erroneously replaced with the slightly smaller diameter Imperial sizing.

Stainless Steel plugs work very well.A smear of a steaming sealant such as Tretite almost guarantees perfect,non-leaking results.



Answer to your question is unfortunatly, yes. You can try to dimple the plug a bit more to see if it will stop, but my experience is that you need to pull them. Make sure you clean the inside seat really well.

Get the right size plug (as listed above). Most feel a little gasket sealer (silicon) should be used on the seat and then put the plug in. If really clean and you have the right size, this should not be needed, but it may give some assistance in sealing it if the seat has been pitted over the years.
BEC Cunha

Ed, search the archives. I know the search is a pain, but there are volumes about sealers, plug sizes, block surface prep, etc. George
George Butz

I think you need to make sure you have the flat dished type plug, not the bowl type. Any NAPA store has plugs to fit the hole you have. Make sure the hole is clean. Seal with Permatex No.2 a non hardening sealer. With the convex side out. Then with a punch, I use a socket wrench slighly smaller than the disk to drive it home into the hole. Then take a 1/4" flat punch and drive a dimple into the center of the convex surface. This expands the diameter of the plug slightly for a tigher fit. Bang'm good with a hammer.
I would not reccomend the use silcone as a sealer.
Colin Stafford

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